Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering | IMTS

The Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers need to develop devices, components, systems, and equipment by using scientific knowledge with the effect of electronics. Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Duration: Duration of Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering under Distance education program can be done in 1, 2 or 3 years depend on the university or institute […]

Petroleum Engineering in Canada Through Distance Education 2021-22

Petroleum Engineering through Distance Learning in Canada Name of the program Petroleum Engineering Duration 4 year Types Distance/online Offered by IMTS Fee structure Approx INR 60 Thousand to INR 1.5 Lakhs. Petroleum Engineering in Canada Petroleum Engineering can be a better option but in Canada can be the best choice. The application of engineering ethics […]

M.Tech Distance Education in Chennai, India

M.Tech through Distance Learning in India. M Tech distance education in Chennai, Chennai is the city of engineers. It is said that if you throw a stone upwards and the person it hits, is an engineer. In Chennai, there are various colleges that offer the M.Tech distance education in Chennai course on distance education basis. […]

B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering

B. Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering includes the study of design, analysis, and application of electronics and communication circuits. The B.Tech course focuses on telecommunications, energy and electronics sectors. B. Tech. Electronics and Communication pay attention to concepts and designs of underlying hardware systems that are used in areas such as telecommunication, Government sector,  […]

B.Tech Courses in Delhi

B.Tech Courses in Delhi | Bachelor of Technology

B.Tech Courses in Delhi | Bachelor Degree B. Tech Courses in Delhi, B.Tech stands for bachelor of Technology. B. Tech degree is a professional engineering (UG) undergraduate degree awarded after finishing off 4 years of engineering field. It is offered in many disciplines. There is a huge demand for young candidates for engineering. Mostly science stream […]

Diploma in Computer Science Engineering Distance Education

Offered By IMTS Eligibility 10th or 10+2 Duration 3 Years duration Fee Structure Rs. 20,000- Rs 30,000 yearly   Course Details:  Diploma in Computer Science Engineering distance education has become a most adaptable choice of engineering aspirants. It refers to the design of computational systems, implementation, and management of information systems of the software process […]

M.Tech Courses in Delhi | Engineering Courses 2021-22

M.Tech Courses in Delhi | Master of Technology | M.Tech Courses in Delhi, M. Tech (Master of Technology) is one of the Most popular and reliable postgraduate (PG) course in the respective discipline. M. Tech is the universal accepted PG degree program. M.Tech courses are mainly offered by all top-rated colleges and universities. M.tech courses […]

Civil Engineering Distance Education in India

Civil Engineering through Distance Learning in India. Civil Engineering distance education in India The study of planning, construction, maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including public works such as roads, bridges, dams, etc. built environment is called civil engineering. The available civil engineering courses in India Dubai, Oman and UAE can shape the […]

B.Tech Civil Engineering Distance Education

 Tech Civil Engineering is an undergraduate engineering Course. It is a professional engineering discipline degree that contracts with the design, construction & maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works like bridges, roads, etc. If the candidate is interested in B.Tech engineering course They employ their technical people skills to coordinate with other […]

B.Tech Mechanical Engineering

B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering Course 2021 B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering is the branch of engineering that includes designing, production, Testing and operations of machines. It provides the bright carrier in Mechanical Field. The course objective of mechanical engineering is to prepare students for applying the principles of mechanical engineering for manufacturing, designing,  Testing and […]