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Online Education with IMTS

The mission of IMTS ( institute of Management And technical Studies) is to provide distance education to all who have been unable to complete their studies due to any reason.

Graduation In One Year

Breaking Study process is also known as continuation of study in tamil nadu, in this process fail students  or discontinue Students ,can take admission in final Year,  graduation in one year.

Bachelor of Law Degree

LLB is not only a mere mode of employment but also a way to show the responsibility towards the society and a means to stand for the human right.


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Online Diploma Courses

Diploma courses is a certificate issued by institution, college or university, that testifies that the recipient has successfully completed a particular course of study. The word diploma also refers to an academic award which is given after the completion of study in different courses. Diploma courses are mostly adopted courses by the students nowadays to […]

Why To Join

Online Education with IMTS?

The mission of IMTS is to provide distance education to all who have been unable to complete their studies due to any reason. The institute of IMTS has been established keeping this reason in mind. Often students who leave studies are working or at places from where it is difficult for them to travel and attend classes regularly. IMTS thus offers them opportunity to study from home and online which is what helps them to complete their studies. This opportunity is not usually offered by too many universities in our country and it is really great to have such an opportunity.


People who join IMTS are mostly who are unable to attend regular classes due to work or any other reason, can complete all their classes, assignments, projects at home or online.

Their study material is also delivered to their homes so that they can study from home and answer their exams online. it is one of the best reasons to join IMTS.

How has IMTS helped

Online education has helped many working students who do not have the time to attend regular college or to pay the high fees normal colleges charge. Thus, online education today is a cost effective and easy way to complete studies for the people who had left it in the middle and yet had the desire to complete their studies.

Online education with IMTS is a great opportunity for people to complete their graduation with ease and get the boost they require in their career. It has helped thousands and with the dawn of internet online and distance education has become a simple thing. Join IMTS and see how easy it is to study online and graduate easily.

Benefit to join distance or online education IMTS

  • No need to attend regular sessions
  • No need to pay heavy fees for these courses
  • No entrance examination
  • Up gradation in the profile
  • This system allows combine professional and academic goals, and it has been generally developed for adult students and professionals.
  • In order to enroll the best option should be to apply for a registered college that can issue legal diplomas and transcripts.
    By taking distance learning courses the student will study at home or anywhere he/she wish. Usually, he/she will not attend any examination center.
  • Some colleges offer systems (not online) based on textbooks sent by post or courier service.
  • Then the student works on them and prepares reports according to the instructions provided and the acquired knowledge.

When the program is customized the number of textbooks and reports assigned are different for each student and curriculum. In these cases these requirements are set during the admission process.


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