Diploma in petroleum engineering

Diploma in Petroleum Engineering through Distance Learning in India.

Diploma in Petroleum Engineering Distance Learning is an undergraduate diploma after which a certificate is awarded as a merit of the student who has gained the relevant subject’s study in the field of petroleum engineering. This diploma course has the most value among all other diploma courses currently.


To be eligible for admission to the diploma in petroleum engineering there are two to three requirements that must be fully met by the candidate taking admission. The candidate must be a science student, he or she must have passed his ten years of education from the SSLC examination board of India. He must also have at least 33% marks in each of his subjects. The average tuition fee for this diploma course lies between 40,000 INR and 1.5 Lakh INR.


The duration of a diploma in petroleum engineering distance education in India is three years. It takes three years to complete a diploma in this field where each year is divided into two semesters that have six months duration in them.

What is the diploma in petroleum engineering all about?

Petroleum engineering is a field that is growing and becoming demanding day by day. There are a lot of risks involved along with it because it is very tough to be and work in the petroleum field for mining, testing, extracting, and many other purposes as well. This is also why there are a demand and boom of such petroleum professionals who can handle and take all the associated measures in the field of petroleum engineering well and very efficiently too. The different subjects of petroleum engineering include production engineering, mining engineering, trigonometry and calculus, introduction to petroleum drilling engineering, secondary recovery, petroleum engineering design, petroleum production, petroleum engineering part-time laboratory, and many scores of other subjects too.

Diploma in Petroleum Engineering Syllabus

Subjects of Study
Chemistry of Oil and Gas
Reservoir Properties Such as Porosity
Paraffins and Asphaltenes
Permeability and Saturation
Production from Two Phase Reservoirs
Well Productivity Engineering
Gas Reservoir Production
Near Well-Bore Conditions
Gas Well Deliverability
Perforations  on Well Performance
Flow Performance
Well-Head Surface Gathering Systems
Well Deliverability
Artificial Left
Surface Equipment and Operations
Horizontal Well Production
Flow Control
Design and Testing of Flow Lines
Flow Measurements
Separators & Components
Heat Treatment
Water Injection
Water Disposal
Subsurface Equipment

Course Description.

  • It delivers up to date knowledge of petroleum geology, well drilling techniques, reservoir engineering, oil and gas manufacture optimization, project development and management, and environmental protection and safety
  • It is a two-year diploma program that makes the graduates for employment in the upstream petroleum industry

Employment Areas

  • McKinsey & Company – Mumbai
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Talific Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. – Silchar
  • GD Research Center Pvt. Ltd. – Hyderabad,
  • Talific Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. – Ahmadnagar
  • Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Limited – Gandhinagar
  • SM AKER Management Services Pvt. Ltd. – Mumbai

Job Types

  • Field Operator
  • Geologist/Petroleum Geologist
  • Asst Manager Well Testing
  • Process Operator
  • Programme Management Expert
  • Project Manager
  • Gas Service Technician

Jobs after course

After the successful completion of this diploma, these individuals can get into the petroleum field very easily. The entry-level salary is between 40,000 INR and 55,000 INR.


Ques. Can I Apply for this Course after 12th?

Ans. Yes. You can apply.

Ques. What is the Minimum Eligibility for Diploma in petroleum engineering?

Ans. The minimum eligibility for Diploma in petroleum engineering course is 10th from recognized board.

Ques. What are the Career options after Completing Diploma in petroleum engineering?

Ans. Field Operator, Process Operator, Project Manager, Gas Service Technician etc.

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