University Grants Commission (UGC)

What is University Grants Commission ( UGC )?

University Grants Commission of India which is a governing body or a statutory committee for the Indian nation. That has been formulated by the Indian Union Government in accordance with the UGC Act 1956 of HR Development Ministry. Its required to coordinate and maintain the different standards of education within India by different academic institutions within the country. Hence this is why this word UGC is often heard whenever one talks of a university imparting quality.

In other words, UGC has become the face of recognized education because if any university has been accredited or affiliated by the University Grants Commission UGC then that means that all the education, the degrees as well as the courses imparted to the students and the people are well under constant monitoring and are also regularly checked by the committee for any errors or loopholes in the effective and efficient management, merit selection or examination systems and other operations of the institution. Hence people mostly go for those universities which are affiliated with the UGC which means that they will surely receive quality as well as recognized education from there through innovative facilities at all time.

What does University Grants Commission( UGC ) do?

Charged with the duty to keep a check and balance over quality education provision. The motto of the UGC is Gyan Vigyan Vimuktaye which means that knowledge liberates. The headquarters of the UGC are situated in the capital city of New Delhi. The UGC checks and maintains records of all academic institutions for quality education provision. It also keep records of all the universities that it has checked . When these institutions were formed besides evaluating them after regular time intervals to maintain the updated records at same time.

This way all those educational institutions that have been accredited or approved by the UGC acquire the status of a university whereas before that they do not have that status to impart their own recognized degrees through their provided education to be known and recognized throughout the world. All the other ones are then self-governed until they are accredited by this body or by this commission to get their grant for the university establishment.

The UGC also gives in funds to different universities as well as colleges through its various programs while Professor Ved Prakash is the Chairman of the UGC, India which also has six centers located through their well connected networks in Pune, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Bangalore as well as Hyderabad too. UGC has been doing regularly since 1956 after it was first established in 1945 to look for the education provided. The UGC continues to check institutions throughout for all universities who claim to be for professional and international studies.

University Grants Commission is best compliance for all universities as it has been found United Kingdom and keeps vigilant checks.

Gyan Vigyan Vimuktaye