M.Sc. Chemistry From Periyar University

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IMTS Institute provides counseling process for M.Sc. in Chemistry via Distance Education from Periyar University, Salem, Tamil Nadu.


MSc Chemistry Periyar University Distance Education :-

M.Sc. Chemistry is a two-year degree program. The field of chemistry is of great importance in our day to day life. Once a candidate comes out successfully as a degree holder in M.Sc Chemistry they have various options for the future. He can grab a job with that degree MSc chemistry Periyar University or he can go for higher studies which will improve their educational qualification. IMTS Institute provides counseling process for MSc Chemistry Distance Education Periyar University at genuine price.

Periyar University offers a broad menu of modules in chemistry distance education from which students can construct their own pathway depending on their passions and penchants. Any degree holders can take for the program at Periyar University and acquire excellent knowledge in different modules of Analytical Chemistry, Bioanalytical Chemistry, Solid State Chemistry, Materials Sciences, Polymer Sciences etc. according to the industrial requisites as a part of the curriculum.

Syllabus of M.Sc. Chemistry Distance Education from Periyar University:-

Organic Chemistry I Organic Chemistry II
Inorganic Chemistry I Inorganic Chemistry II
Physical Chemistry I Physical Chemistry II
Polymer Chemistry Photo Chemistry
Spectroscopy-I Spectroscopy-II
Nano materials and Green Chemistry Environmental Chemistry
Organic Chemistry Practical I Organic Chemistry Practical II
Inorganic Chemistry Practical I Inorganic Chemistry Practical II
Physical Chemistry Practical I Physical Chemistry Practical II


Additional information

Min. Duration

2 Years

Max. Duration

3 Years