MBA International Business Periyar University

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MBA International Business offered by Periyar University via distance mode.


MBA International Business Distance Education:-

This degree program is destined to help students develop cultural skills, business competencies and other skills as they pertain to the international marketplace. Some course requirements may include the economics of international trade, international marketing management, international business management and international corporate finance. MBA International Business distance education offered by Periyar University via distance mode.

MBA International business degrees are often required due to improving interaction and integration among the people, organizations, and governments of different nations, a process driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology. Many diverse professions reflecting this need are available for individuals with an MBA in International Business.

Syllabus of MBA International Business Distance Education from Periyar University :-

Principles of Management Production Management
Managerial Economics Financial Management
Managerial Communication Human Resource Management
Legal Environment of Business Marketing Management
Organizational Behavior International Business
Business policy & Strategic Management International Marketing
Financial & Management Accounting International Finance
Research Methodology Entrepreneurship

Additional information

Min. Duration

2 Years

Max. Duration

3 Years




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