MBA Airline and Airport Management Periyar University

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MBA in Airlines and Airport Management via distance learning from Periyar University is a unique course comprising both management concepts as well as best Airline & Airport practices.


MBA in Airline and Airport Management is an industry particular course that imparts skills required to handle different domains in the aviation management. Typically, the course covers topics like airport planning and development, aviation management, aviation operations management, airline route planning, airline marketing management, supply chain management and aviation laws. IMTS Institute provides counseling procedure for MBA Airline and Airport Management Periyar University via distance learning.

Career prospects After MBA Airline and Airport Management Periyar University:-

Career prospects in aviation industry are extensive and promising. After the conclusion of your course, based on your skills and interests, you can decide to take up career in verticals like marketing, human resource management, operations, logistics and air traffic control. But as you progress in your career, you would be predictable to wear different hats. So if you wish for to grow consistently in the aviation industry, you have to appreciate the functioning of different departments of the industry and pick up cross-functional skills. Employment opportunities for aviation managers are in airports, airlines and airfreight service providers.

Syllabus of MBA Airline and Airport Management Periyar University Distance Learning:-

Principles of Management & Communication Operation Management
Organizational Behavior Human Resource Management
Accounting For Decision Making Financial Management
Research Methodology Marketing Management
Export Management

(Refer to Syllabus)

(Refer to Syllabus)

Airline Management
Airport Management
Viva voce*

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Min. Duration

2 Years

Max. Duration

3 Years




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