M.A. Education From Periyar University

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Get fully satisfied counseling procedure for MA Education through Distance Education from Periyar University. IMTS Institute is a reputable autonomous Institute offered complete counseling procedure.


MA Education Distance Learning Periyar University :-

M.A in Education is a two years degree programs. Our MA Education Distance Learning Periyar University is not a teaching qualification but previous students have benefited from this postgraduate degree. IMTS Institute provides counseling procedure for MA Education via Distance Education from Periyar University.

Periyar University offers a unique opportunity to study for an MA in Education that is at the cutting edge of education research. A wide range of top quality modules in a number of specialist areas enable you to adapt the program to your individual welfare and needs. The modules will be of interest to anyone interested in education: teachers, current leaders in education, and education professionals involved in policy and development. Students are welcomed from anywhere around the world.

Syllabus of MA in Education Distance Learning from Periyar University:-

English English
Hindi Hindi
Advanced Educational Philosophy and Sociology Educational Guidance and Counseling
Advanced Educational Psychology Research Methodology and Statistics
Teacher Education in India Dynamics of Educational Technology
Methods of Teaching

1. Methodology of teaching Physical/Biological Science.

2. Methodology of teaching Social Sciences.

3.Methodology of Teaching Mathematics

4. Methodology of teaching languages as mother tongue and as Second Language.

Educational Planning and Administration
Educational Management Dissertation

Additional information

Min. Duration

2 Years




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