BSc Physics Distance Education Periyar University

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BSc Physics Distance Education, Periyar University, Students can take online Admission B.Sc. Physics through Distance Education from Periyar University with the help of IMTS Institute.


BSc Physics Distance Education Periyar University:-

Bachelor of Science or B.Sc. Physics is 3 years undergraduate degree course in the field of Science. Physics is one of the oldest academic disciplines and the boundaries of Physics know NO limits new ideas in physics often explain the fundamental mechanisms of other sciences while opening new avenues of research in areas and contribute significantly towards advances in new technologies. IMTS Institute provides counseling procedure for BSc Physics Distance Education Periyar University at genuine price.


A Bachelor of Science in Physics, consequently, opens the door to many career options. Furthermore, in order to bridge the gap between college and corporate, our Personality Enrichment team conducts extensive grooming and personality development workshop. This team with their corporate experience helps inculcate necessary soft skills in our students which will consequently make them into better professionals.

Syllabus of BSc Physics Education Distance Education from Periyar University:-

I Year II Year III Year
English – I English – II Electricity & Magnetism
Hindi – I Hindi – II Atomic & Nuclear Physics
Mechanics & Sound Optics & Spectroscopy Quantum Mechanics & Relativity
Thermal Physics & Properties of Matter Chemistry Electronics
Allied Mathematics Mathematical Physics Computational Physics
Major Practical – I Practical Chemistry Major Practical – II & III

BSc Physics Distance Education Periyar University

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Min. Duration

3 Years

Max. Duration

5 Years


10+2 or Equivalent


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