Online MBA Specializations in India Distance Education

MBA Through Distance Learning in India.

Fee Structure 37,000 to 180,000 INR (depends on the university)
Duration 2 year
Level Management
Eligibility Criteria Need to be a graduate

MBA Specializations

MBA is a master’s degree in business administration. The eligibility of the course is graduation in any discipline but the guys who have a bachelor in Commerce or Business Administration (BBA) are given preference. India is a country where it is said that any stone hitting a person on the road is related to technology or management. Today you can choose from a wide range of MBA specializations, ranging from an MBA in Financial Studies, as well as Insurance and Risk Management Accountancy and Finance, to an MBA in Sports Management, or even an MBA in Technology.
In India the candidates opt for the one-year management course and MBA specializations is one of them. Online MBA is Master of Business Administration that is done to know all know about the business administration and is awarded to those students who successfully complete in two years in India and globally. But in India the option is available to do it in one year for those students who have left studies after graduation and have a gap of at least 2 years.
Course Fees: – The fee structure of the course is between 37,000 to 180,000 INR and depends upon the university opted for the course. 

Online MBA Specializations:-

MBA specializations

There are various MBA specializations available in online MBA programs in the worldwide. One can choose these branches based on the interest.
Since each of the companies now needs the business administration guys, one can choose the desired branch easily. He is sure to have employment after the course is done. Some of he MBA specializations are mentioned below:-


Sr. No. Specializations
1 Human Resource (HR) Management
2 Finance Management
3 Infrastructure and Real Estate Management
4 Oil and Gas Management
5 Tea Management
6 Shipping Port Management
7 Entrepreneurship Management
8 Telecom Management
9 Retail Management
10 Textile Management
11 Sports Management
12 Tourism Management
13 IT Management
14 Energy Management
15 Operations Management
16 Risk Management
17 Rural Management
18 Brand Management
19 Business Analytics
20 Environment Management
21 Biotechnology Management
22 Strategic Management
23 Logistics Management
24 Production Management
25 Product Management
26 Business Process Management
27 Supply Chain Management
28 Marketing Management
29 Knowledge Management
30 Industrial Management
31 Quality Management
32 Hotel Management
33 Hospital Management
34 Facility Management
35 Fashion Management
36 Healthcare Management
37 Export Management
38 Event Management
39 Communication Management
40 Dairy Management
41 Customer Relationship Management
42 Co-operative Management
43 Construction Management
44 Design Management
45 Disaster Management

Why should one join the course:- 

The online MBA programs are master of business administration and so this course gives you the complete knowledge about the business aspects of any organization.
There are different branches available for the courses and so it gives you an opportunity to excel in the desired field only.
  • After online MBA one can easily try for teaching jobs in Bangalore and abroad. (more)
  • One year online MBA in India and worldwide is similar and equivalent to the regular MBA courses.
  • It saves you a lot of time if you have discontinued the studies in between.
  • After graduation, the online MBA course is the one that gives you the opportunity.
Some of the jobs that can be joined after online MBA in One year are mentioned below:-
  • Business Associate.
  • Business Consultant.
  • Financial Consultant.
  • Banking jobs.
  • Project trainee.
  • Corporate Planner.
  • Technical associate.

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