Online Engineering Degrees in India

Online Engineering Degree

Online Education has become the most opted course program now in India. The system is based on the far distance education system where student can easily have knowledge of the subjects at home only. Though there are various Online Engineering Degree courses available almost in each subject, but distance education in engineering is desired the most by the students.


Online Degree in engineering is defined as the planned teaching programs that use a broad area of engineering technologies that is accessed to candidate’s at large distances. With the emergence of online education in Engineering in India there are various possibilities in the engineering education domain.

Online Engineering Degree :-

online engineering degree

The online engineering degree in India has made several changes in the education area. The online education is mostly opted program since the majority of students are unable to attend the formal education. The main motivation behind the existence of distance learning is the desire of people to continue higher studies even when they are already doing the professional tasks.
There are various universities offering the same program and therefore there are a number of courses available in online engineering degrees. Some of them are mentioned below.


1. D.Tech. (Diploma of Engineering)
  • Diploma in Civil Engineering in Distance Education : – Diploma in Civil engineering is a diploma course which is completed in civil engineering. The course helps in producing skilled civil engineers who can meet the requirement of the market. The duration of the course is 3 years and the eligibility is 10th or 12th.
  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering in Distance Education : – Diploma in Electrical Engineering is a diploma course which is awarded to the students who undergo the program. The duration of the course is 3 years and the eligibility is 10th or 12th.
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in Distance Education : – Diploma in Mechanical Engineering is for the ones who have interest in mechanical field and in machines. The course goes for 3 years after 120th or 12th.
2. B.Tech. (Bachelor of Engineering) in Distance Education :- The bachelor degree in engineering in various streams is awarded to the students who undergo BE courses in respective subjects. B.Tech. is available in all engineering branches such as
The duration of these engineering courses is 4 years. Anyone who is 12th passed with science stream can go for the courses. These courses have a very bright future for students in India and abroad.


3.Master of Engineering (ME/M.Tech) in Distance Education

The master engineering course is meant for those who want to pursue further studies after graduation degree in engineering. Like BE, ME can also be done in all engineering subjects. These courses are :-
The duration of these online engineering degree is 2 years and in some universities it may vary. The future is colorful after these courses. Student can become lecturers, professors, teachers in some colleges or can work in renowned companies like WIPRO, HCL etc.
Therefore the online engineering degree courses is a great option to study higher. A good college must be found to get admitted and enjoy the studies.

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