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MCA Distance Education Course in Gurugram, M.Com (Master of Commerce) is a 2-year (PG) postgraduate Master’s degree which focuses on Management, Commerce, and Economics related subjects. The program is well received in the industry. The Course includes study related to computer languages, application of computer science in IT field, Mathematics, Data structure involved in computer science. The coursework includes classroom lectures, practical and project work. Six semesters of the MCA course depends upon only the project base.

It is a specialized course which prepares an individual for a career in finance and corporate sector. The MCA course includes four contents like Mathematics behind Computer Science, concepts in core computers and systems science, non-core computer courses and software development or design.

The program offers thorough and sound related to the theoretical and practical application including the latest trends in software growth. Direct Admission  MCA is the active course designed to offer a foundation for research in the core and developing areas of the discipline.

Eligibility Criteria

Basically, Candidates must have passed graduation in Computer field. Generally marks 50% required for the MCA Course. Some Institute takes the admission based on marks.

M.C.A. Syllabus

Sem. I
Sr. No. Subjects of Study
1 Computer and ‘C’ Programming
2 Computer Organization
3 Accounting and Financial Management
4 Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science
5 UNIX & Shell Programming
6 Paradigms of Programming
7 Organization Lab
8 Programming Lab
9 Unix /Linux & Shell Programming Lab
10 General Proficiency
Sem. II
1 Data and File Structure Using ‘C’
2 Object-Oriented Systems in C++
3 Organizational Structure and Personnel Management
4 Computer-Based Numerical & Statistical Techniques
5 Computer Architecture & Microprocessor
6 Combinatory & Graph Theory
7 Microprocessor Lab
8 C++ Lab
9 Data Structure Lab
10 General proficiency
Sem. III
1 Computer Networks
2 Design & Analysis of Algorithm
3 Operating System
4 Data Base Management System
5 Internet & JAVA Programming
6 System Programming
7 DAA Lab
8 DBMS Lab
9 JAVA Lab
10 General Proficiency
Sem. IV
1 Visual Basic
2 Modelling and Simulation
3 Foundation of e-Commerce
4 Elective I (any one of the following)
5 Software Engineering
6 Computer Graphics & Animation
7 Visual Basic Lab
8 Computer Graphics Lab
9 Software Engineering Lab
10 General Proficiency
Sem. V
1 WEB Technology
2 Elective II (any one of the following)
3 ERP System
4 Net FrameWork & C
5 Elective III (any one of the following)
6 Management Information System
7 General Proficiency
8 Net FrameWork & C-Lab
9 Colloquium
10 WEB Technology Lab
Sem. VI
1 Industrial Project (more)

Specializations of MCA Course

  • Internet
  • System Development
  • System Management
  • System Tester
  • Software Development
  • Hardware Technology
  • Application Software
  • Programming Language
  • Troubleshooting

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Job Types

  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Software Engineer or Programmer
  • Computer Support Service Specialist
  • Software Developer
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Testing Engineering
  • Software Publisher
  • Commercial & Industrial Designer
  • Project Leader
  • Systems Administrator
  • Database Administrator
  • Computer Scientist
  • Junior Programmer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Computer Presentation Specialist
  • Information Systems Manager

Employment Areas

  • Banking Sector
  • Stock Exchanges
  • Government Agencies
  • Networking Companies
  • Software Development Companies
  • Database Management Companies
  • e-Commerce Companies
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Security and Surveillance Companies
  • Design Support and Data Communications Companies

MCA Distance Education Course in Gurugram Salary

The initial salary package for a software developer is around Rs.3.5 lacs/year. After gaining some experience in IT, you can easily earn a good salary package.


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