Student check here all specialization for MBA. An Master in Business Administration is often a 2 year program that aims to make the student expert in numerous subjects of management and an skilled for one. in the 1st year of an Master in Business Administration the most focus is on giving students a brief plan about numerous subjects of management. Towards the top of the 1st year students are introduced to the specialized areas. 

MBA Specialization

Human Resource Management Aviation Airport Management
Finance Management  Operations Management
Marketing Management  Banking Finance
Information Technology Management  Export Management
Hotel Management  Public Relations
Agri Business And Rural Banking Management Advertising Management and Public Relations
Entrepreneurship Management  Event Management
Total Quality Management  Logistic and Supply Chain Management
Rural Development and Management  Computer Management
 NGO Management  Banking and Investment
Textile Management  Hotel Management
Executive MBA  Hospital and Health Care Management
Retail Management  Personnel Administration
Health Care Management  Foreign Trade
Marketing Management  Air Travel Management
Rural Management  Pollution Control Management
Customer Relationship Management  Fashion Management
Media Management  Airport Management
IT Management  Banking Insurance Management
International Business Management  Materials and Logistics Management
(Hons) In Marketing and Retail Management  Finance Management
Banking and Taxation Entrepreneurship
Human Resource Management  Disaster Management
Aviation Management  Insurance
Banking Insurance Industrial Management
E-Commerce Supply Chain Management