MBA In Real Estate Management

MBA Real Estate Management

MBA Real Estate Management Real estate business is a very wide and big business that requires quite a lot of experience as well as skills to take it up to higher levels. This is why the postgraduate program of business administration in Real estatemanagement is provided so that the real estate business is easily managed through the different skills and processes taught in this postgraduate degree program.

An MBA in real estate management is provided through the different business administration subjects that are taught along with the essential skills and tools needed for real estate management. It also includes many business management courses in it that make the postgraduate program extremely beneficial for such people who want to have this area as their new field after acquiring a masters degree in this program.


The students who wish to take admission in the MBA program with majors in Real Estate management should have at least completed their bachelor’s degree that has been taken through full time dedicated subject study of at least two years. Since this is a postgraduate level degree program hence it is offered to teach advance skills in the same field of Real Estate for its effective management.


This MBA program has some requirements that make it suitable for all those people who are going to acquire the master’s degree program with majors in Real Estate Management. They are given as follows

  • People who want to have their own business on the field of property and real estate should take admission in this master’s program
  • People who already have their real estate business and are looking for an innovative way to give a boost to it should take this postgraduate program
  • Those who have great interest in real estate and its different operations besides having great knowledge of it can take part in this masters program very efficiently
  • This master’s degree program provides great exposure to such people who are good at managing different operations in a systematic and timely manner.

Teaching methods

The different teaching methods that are available for the MBA in Real Estate Management are given below

  • MBA real estate management part time
  • MBA real estate management full time
  • MBA real estate management online education (3 years)
  • MBA real estate management distance education (3 years)

The last two methods of teaching are provided keeping in mind the different schedules of professionals who want to acquire their master’s degree in Real Estate Management too.


There are many benefits of acquiring a master’s degree in business administration through majors in real estate management which are given as follows

  • It provides skills that are learned through the masters program in real estate management to provide expert advice in the areas of real estate, its operations and many different tools.
  • The master’s program in Real Estate Management teaches different business administration skills that can be used in other general aspects too.
 Duration  2 Years
 Eligibility  Graduation
 Type  Online / Distance
 Level  PG Course
 Admission Process  Online / Offline
 Fee Structure  Approx $ 670- $ 1191 ( As per University)
 Offered By  IMTS
 Course Type  Autonomous

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