MBA in Marketing Management [Distance Education]

 Eligibility Graduation
Fee INR 20000/Y
Duration 1 or 2 years

All About MBA Marketing Management Distance Education:

MBA Marketing Management Distance Education is a two-year’s masters degree which provides training, practical experience, education and knowledge and skills needed to learn effective marketing strategies and develop innovative marketing ventures so that the goal is met to increase business through it. With the growing advancement in marketing, the marketing manager is also increasing in importance which is why it is now being sought by many professionals and students more than before now.

MBA Marketing Management Distance Education is the organizational discipline which focuses on the practical application of marketing orientation, techniques and methods inside enterprises and organizations and on the management of a firm’s marketing resources and activities.MBA programs in marketing and marketing management place a strong emphasis on social networking, internet technologies and emerging media platforms corporations can use to market products and services.

online MBA Marketing Management Distance Learning Program is one of the most important elements of success and companies have known the importance of this which is why they now dedicate quite a bit of their budget on marketing campaigns. Organizations need such professionals who can do these tasks effectively, innovatively and appealingly so that their product or strategy is sold more to reach higher profits.

Marketing management is the structural discipline which focuses on the practical application of marketing orientation, techniques and methods inside enterprises and organizations and on the management of a firm’s marketing resources and activities. MBA in Marketing Management Courses include analyzing and conducting extensive research before putting equally marketing campaigns. candidate can also expect to learn about product development, management and sales promotion.

Courses Information:  MBA Marketing Management Distance Education is a postgraduate degree in Sales and Marketing Management. Marketing is that the method of making interest in customer concerning product or services. it’s done through a strategy that underlies sales techniques, business development, and business communication.

Introduction: The scope of Master of Business Administration in marketing is extremely good in today’s market trend. MBA in marketing is one among the oldest disciplines of management study.If you’re interested in the diversion, media, promotions, advertising, sales and general management field, then the Master in Business Administration is acceptable for you.The marketing is that the heart of any organization. The trend of marketing has modified and augmented with the technological evolution of the world.

MBA Marketing Management Distance Education contains study concerning marketing research and analysis, product format, pricing, promotion, selling and distribution and different similar selling ideas. Within the specialization of Marketing, the scholar can focus a lot of on the ideas and fields like promotions, advertising, research, and sales.

Eligibility: Master of Business Administration in Marketing Management can be gained by anyone who has passed their Bachelors Degree from a reputed university or college.

Duration:  Time duration of this degree is two years.

Fees: We mentioned here only approximate fees for Master of Business Administration in Marketing Management. It could be changed according to university Guideline.

Fees  Indian International (NRI)
Admission Form  500 – 1000  650* – 1500 *
Reg. Fees  500 – 1200*  1000-2000*
Breaking Study  3500-5500*  6000- 12000*
Prospectus fees  500 – 1000*  500- 1000*
R.R fees  800 – 1000/ y  800 – 1000/ y
 Exam Fees  1000 – 2500/ y*  2000- 3000/y*
 Course Fees  10,000-25,000/y*  varies according to University to University
 NRI Fees  NA  5000
 Total Fees  35,000/y* approx  55,000/y* approx


Prospect modules There are many different modules that are taught in combination with the business subjects through their processes in order to know of the marketing practices that are taught or followed by many professionals in this field. This includes coursework, research work and practical experience gaining projects completed as a part of the master’s degree as well. The subjects can be chosen according to what the student desires which include many

  • Communication enhancing, image building, and confidence boosting practices
  • Subjects like market research, strategic marketing management, international marketing, marketing and society, consumer behavior, marketing analysis and analytics and many others as well.

What does a Marketing Management course teach?

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Advertising Management
  • Marketing Communications Management
  • Analytical Marketing
  • Competitive Marketing
  • Business Marketing
  • Sales Force Management
  • Retailing Management
  • Service Marketing
  • Sales Promotion Management
  • Product and Brand Management
  • Internet Marketing
  • Marketing Channel
  • Advanced Research Techniques in Marketing
  • Customer Relationship Marketing

M.B.A. Marketing Management Specialisations

  • Advertising Management
  • Advanced Email Marketing
  • International Marketing
  • Interactive Marketing
  • Sales and Merchandising Studies
  • Marketing Research
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Business Marketing Operations
  • Business Management and Operations
  • Business Economics Programs
  • Marketing for Travel and Tourism Operations
  • Advanced Interactive Marketing & Measurement
  • Special Product Marketing
  • Marketing for Apparel and Accessories
  • Master Certificate in Internet Marketing
  • Integrated Online Strategies
  • Search Engine Marketing & Usability
  • Advanced Search Engine Marketing
  • Advanced Mobile Marketing
  • Advanced Social Media Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development

More Courses   MBA Distance Education 

University :

Documents: Students are also required to send or email the scanned document copies of their early academics which includes

  • Graduation Mark Sheet and degree
  • 12th Mark Sheet and Certificate
  • 10th Mark Sheet and Certificate
  • Habitation Proof
  • Photo Identity Proof

MBA Marketing Management Distance Education Job Types

  • Market Research Analyst
  • Brand Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • New Product Manager
  • Marketing Executive
  • Advertising Manager
  • Marketing Communications Manager
  • Sales Manager (more)
  • Public Relations (PR) Director


  • Al Futtaim Kaybee
  • Exim
  • KOJ Establishment
  • Ranbaxy Fine Chemicals India
  • Spencer’s Retail Ltd India
  • Avalon Consulting
  • KPMG
  • Raymond Ltd
  • Strategic Foods
  • AW Rostamani
  • SEA
  • RAK Bank
  • Sony
  • Al Ghanim
  • Reckitt & Benckiser
  • Solutions India
  • Landmark
  • Retail
  • Redington
  • Gulf
  • Tech Mahindra

Specializations Marketing MBA as will channel their energies into getting ready for specific selling career roles, from IT to retail and something in between. This will, of course, be mirrored within the variety of courses accessible that withdraw into additional specialized areas of promoting.
As each – and that we do mean each – sector of the business world features a product it desires to succeed in the suitable channels, each sector of the business world, therefore, needs selling and selling

Jobs & career The students, who have done the Master in Business in marketing, have lots of job opportunities in government and therefore the private sector.You can be a part of {direct selling|marketing} or digital marketing. By the growing technology in the world, the idea of selling isn’t limited to the door to door sales. it’s a wide variety of technologies.You can do the marketing by the social media, pay-per-click, web designing, search engine optimization, search media optimization and articles.The candidate having the MBA in marketing degree can earn the 40000 to 65000 per month in India. The earnings structure depends on the position and reputation of the employer firm.

Skills Required

  • Ability to perform market research and analysis
  • Ability to Convince another person
  • Problem solving and analytical skills
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Strategic thinking and planning abilities
MBA Marketing Management Distance education

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What is the advantage of distance education

1. You can pursue employment in conjunction with studies: a serious chunk of students who truly decide on distance education are those that don’t need to provide up their jobs, however, need an education too.

Distance education comes as a blessing for such students. you can study on the weekends, once you are back from work or maybe in the middle of the night. You get to be told while you earn!

2. You can save money: For any given program, the fee of a distance education degree (online or otherwise) could also be way more reasonable than the fee of an everyday on-campus degree. Students who are searching for economically viable choices can opt for a distance learning program.

3. You save time: there is not any time wasted in attending to and from college, no time wasted waiting for a bus or train. in a distance learning program, your classroom is correct in your room – the study material on your table or the e-material on your PC.

Students who haven’t got enough time on their hands can communicate distance education as a choice and pursue it from the comfort of their homes.

4. You can learn at your own pace: The prospect of going back to classroom education are often daunting for several of us. Asking a question or revealing that you simply are unable to understand a thought in class can be quite embarrassing for several students. Distance education involves your rescue here!

5. You can study whenever, wherever: Except in situations where you have got to attend a web tutorial at a given time or a lecture through video conferencing, you can just about study whenever you would like to, where you select to.

You would like not be stuck in a classroom, however can go study in your garden, on your living room couch or in the comfort of your own bed. irrespective of whether or not you are a morning lark or an evening owl,you’ll choose an optimum time to review whenever you are at your productive best.

Where Do These Skills Come From?

Throughout the Master in Business Administration program(MBA Marketing Management Distance Education), students will be immersed in courses with professionals from a range of individuals from totally different industries. This kind of interaction helps everybody within the category check out “the big image.” What once may well be a very one-sided point of view possessed by that student, can now grow as they experience the variety of perspectives shared by each friend.

This type of interaction is a prime example of how an Master in Business degree program can broaden a professional’s business perspective and is why an Master in Business has become a key qualification for many hiring managers to look for in their next rent.

Disciplines for MBA Marketing Program 

There is very little denying the role of effective marketing in respect of a concern. it’s one of the key inputs boosting the prospect of gain. Specialization in marketing won’t only facilitate unravel the prospective trends of the market; however, will assist you design and sell accordingly.

With an insight into the specialized tactics. you will be able to reach out to the desired customer in such a way that the organization you own or serving for reaps the maximum benefit.

MBA in marketing is especially beneficial for those interested in sales, market research, and brand promotion.


Syllabus  offer by IMTS INSTITUTE ( MBA Marketing Management Distance Education)

I Year

IMTSMBA-101 Financial & Management Accounting
IMTSMBA-102 Managerial Economics
IMTSMBA-103 Organizational Behavior & Management Process
IMTSMBA-104 Computer Application in Management
IMTSMBA-105 Business Environment
IMTSMBA-106 Research Methodology and Quantitative Techniques
IMTSMBA-107 Human Resource Management
IMTSMBA-108 Management Science
IMTSMBA-109 Marketing Management
IMTSMBA-110 Production and Operation Management
IMTSMBA-111 International Business
IMTSMBA-112 Internship & Training

MBA Specialization courses
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Ques. How can I take admission in MBA Marketing Management Distance Education ?

 Ans. MBA Marketing Management Distance Education One can apply for taking admission either online mode or offline mode( i.e. filling form with your own handwriting). If you face any kind of difficulty, you can also talk to our expert and also can mail all documents on mail id and can pay fees by online process.

Ques.  How can I pay fees in imts ?

Ans. Students can pay their fees by online payment procedure, likewise Pay pal, NEFT, Visa Card, Cash etc.

Ques.  If my counselor does not give me response than what I do ?

Ans. In case counselor is unable to take your call then students also can mail us on this E-mail id The student will get a response within 24 hours.

Ques. Is this course is approved for my job ?

Ans. Yes, the Courses offered by our institute that is approved by UGC and DEB. These courses are valid for Govt jobs and for also govt examination.

Ques. What are the Basis subjects for MBA Marketing Management Distance Education?

First Year

Second Year

Managerial Economics Bank Management
Organizational Behavior Derivative & Risk Management
Marketing Management-I International Finance
Managerial Accounting – I Investment & Portfolio Management
Research Methodology Investment Banking
Quantitative Techniques in Management Management of Financial Services
Communication for Managers Project Planning & Control

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MBA In International Business

Master of Business Administration

IMTSMBA-201 Management Information System
IMTSMBA-202 Strategic Management
IMTSMBA-203 Total Quality Management
IMTSMBA-204 Environmental Management
IMTSMBA-205 Financial Management
IMTSMBA-208 Advertising Management
IMTSMBA-209 Sales & Distribution Management
IMTSMBA-210 Consumer Behavior
IMTSMBA-211 Marketing of Services
IMTSMBA-212 Brand Management
IMTSMBA-213 Industrial Marketing
IMTSMBA-206 Project Work
IMTSMBA-207 Internship & Training

MBA Specialization courses list click here 

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Distance/Correspondence MBA in Marketing Management Colleges in India

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Courses Fee Duration
MBA in Textile Management Rs. 50,000/Year 2 Year
MBA Human Resource ( HR ) Management Rs. 45,000/Year  2 Year
MBA in Aviation Management Rs. 35,000/Year  2 Year
MBA HR Rs. 50,000/Year 2 Year
MBA NGO Management Rs. 50.000/Year 2 Year
MBA in Retail management Rs. 40,000/Year 2 Year
MBA in International Business Management Rs. 45,000/Year 2 Year
MBA in Media Management Rs. 50,000/Year 2 Year
MBA In Materials and Logistics Management Rs. 45,000/Year 2 Year
MBA In Aviation Airport Management Rs. 50,000/Year  2 Year
MBA In Export Management Rs.  30,000/Year  2 Year
MBA In Insurance Rs. 45,000/Year 2 Year
MBA In Air Travel Management Rs. 30,000/Year 2 Year
MBA Advertising Management and Public Relations Rs. 40,000/Year 2 Year
MBA In Hospital and Health Care Management Rs. 50,000/Year 2 Year
MBA In Fashion Management Rs. 30,000/Year 2 Year
MBA In Personnel Administration Rs. 45,000/Year 2 Year
MBA In E-Commerce Rs. 40,000/Year 2 Year
MBA In Health Care Management Rs. 50,000/Year 2 Year
MBA In Banking and Taxation Rs. 30,000/Year 2 Year
MBA Total Quality Management Rs. 50,000/Year 2 Year
MBA in Hotel Management Rs. 30,000/Year 2 Year
MBA in Production and Operation Management Rs. 45,000/Year 2 Year
MBA in IT Management Rs. 30,000/Year  2 Year
MBA in Supply Chain Management Rs. 30,000/Year 2 Year
MBA in Finance Management Rs. 45,000/Year 2 Year
MBA in Human Resource Management Rs.  40,000/Year  2 Year
MBA Banking and Investment Rs. 50,000/Year 2 Year
MBA in Entrepreneurship Management Rs. 30,000/Year  2 Year
MBA In Airport Management Rs. 45,000/Year    3 Year
MBA In Banking Insurance Management Rs. 50,000/Year 2 Year
MBA In Operations Management Rs. 40,000/Year 2 Year
MBA In Computer Management Rs. 40,000/Year  2 Year
Executive MBA Rs. 50,000/Year  2 Year
MBA In Rural Management Rs. 30,000/Year  2 Year
MBA (Hons) In Marketing and Retail Management Rs. 45,000/Year 2 Year
MBA In Pollution Control Management Rs. 50,000/Year 2 Year
MBA Information technology Management Rs. 30,000/Year 2 Year
MBA In Customer Relationship Management Rs. 40,000/Year 2 Year
MBA In Public Relations Rs. 30,000/Year  2 Year
MBA In Real Estate Rs. 50,000/Year 2 Year