MBA In Hospitality and Tourism Management

MBA Hospitality Tourism Management

MBA Hospitality Tourism Management are those areas that have always been in demand but over the years this demand has increased quite a lot too. Having a postgraduate degree in business administration with majors in hospitality and tourism management is of great advantage because it helps to have a very distinguished as well as classy job. It makes you learn the rules and etiquette related to the hospitality industry through the master’s degree program provided to you.

The MBA Hospitality Tourism Management is a two year postgraduate level course which has a lot of benefits and will always have great future too. It is a postgraduate degree that teaches you the subject of business administration in general and hospitality and tourism management in particular. The best part is that this master’s degree provides knowledge of the business processes going on in the industry of hotels and such other resorts etc that provide great hospitality and also provide their services in relation to those who are touring different countries.


To be eligible to take admission in the MBA of Hospitality and Tourism management it is necessary that the individual has passed a bachelors degree of two years dedicated study in any subject. Those who have completed their previous degree in business administration are of great benefit here because when they are studying this postgraduate degree they will have extra or background knowledge of many of the basic courses of business administration.


There are certain things that will be of advantage to many people while they are completing their postgraduate degree in hospitality management and Tourism management because they will make him gain the skills in a very efficient and effective way. Hence the various skills that make them suitable for MBA hospitality and tourism management are given as follows.

  • The students or professionals should have basic knowledge of business administration subjects
  • The postgraduate degree teaches many aspects related to the hotel industry hence those who have great interest in this industry and learning its numerous operations should take this postgraduate course.
  • There are numerous areas of the hospitality industry that are offered as different subjects like food and beverages, presentation skills etc in the masters program which should be taken and learned with great interest to be a fast learner.
  • This postgraduate course should be chosen by such people who can manage to learn many things at one given time and can carry the management responsibilities well with esteem too.
  • This masters program is specially designed for those who have interest in tourism and can provide innovations and ideas for it with their basic background knowledge as well. Therefore it is necessary that this master’s study is taken up by those who have a lot of interest in tourism and its different management processes.

Available teaching methods

These postgraduate course methods are designed beside the normal methods to serve the different people who want to learn hospitality and tourism management at a postgraduate level with great flexibility like online, part-time, and distance education learning.

University :

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 Duration  2 Years
 Eligibility  Graduation
 Type  Online / Distance
 Level  PG Course
 Admission Process  Online / Offline
 Fee Structure  Approx $ 670- $ 1191 ( As per University)
 Offered By  IMTS
 Course Type  Autonomous

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