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A diploma in medical transcription distance education in Dubai, Oman, Kuwait, is an undergraduate diploma for all those students who want to have medical transcription knowledge through better practical experience. It provides a certificate of completion after the subjects have been taught as a proof of the education received.

Medical archives have been kept since humans began script, as attested by early cave writings. Medical transcript as it is presently known has existed since the beginning of the 20th time when standardization of medicinal data became critical to study at that time, medical stenographers swapped physicians as the reel-to-reels of medical data, taking doctors’ dictation in shorthand. (More)

Diploma in Medical Transcription Career Information

Medical transcriptionists work in hospitals or doctor’s offices, many also work from home. The mean annual salary for medical transcriptionists was $35,720 as of May 2015. The BLS also forecast that the number of medical transcriptionists would be weakening 3 percent between 2014 and 2024.

Diploma in Medical Transcription Eligibility

In order to be eligible for admission to the diploma of medical transcription, it is important that the student has successfully passed the SSLC Examination of India in the tenth grade. It is also important that the student has 33% aggregate marks in each of their subjects.

Diploma in Medical Transcription Duration

The duration of a diploma in medical transcription distance education in Dubai, Oman, Kuwait is of three years in India. It has two semesters in each of its years while each semester is divided into six months. This diploma is also offered for two years in some institutions. After this diploma course, students can also take up direct admission to bachelor’s level of education in the medical or applications field.

What is the diploma in medical transcription all about?

A diploma in medical transcription distance education in Dubai, Oman, Kuwait is a diploma that not only teaches about the varied medical terms but also provides information for computer applications, their systems, and terminologies. It also focuses on practical applications of the same. This diploma covers many different practices as well as theoretical aspects of dictating medical equipment and their related subjects. Medical vocabulary is built through medical terminology while computer systems and word processing are also taught side by side to deal with them efficiently. This helps to have better understanding and collaboration through medical transcriptionists who can devise solutions in a better way in comparison. Diploma in Medical Transcriptionists necessity has good skills as sometimes they have to type reports for more than one medical facility or account. This will mean different physician dictators, report styles and formats and different software.

Diploma in Medical Transcription Career:

After the close, of Course, there will be many Job offers. In the field of MT, there is a golden chance of Working from home. One can get Jobs at home with high Salary.

Jobs after course

After this diploma, these medical transcriptionists get hired very easily by both pharma industries as well as medical organizations. The entry-level salary is between 30,000 INR to 40,000 INR.

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Ques. Diploma in Medical Transcription is good for a career?

Ans. Yes. after Completing Diploma you have good career Options.

Ques. What are the career options after Diploma in Medical Transcription?

Ans. After Completing this Course you can find a job in medical Field.

Ques. What is the salary Package for Diploma in Medical Transcription?

Ans. $35,720 (Approx.).

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