Diploma in Food Technology

Offer By IMTS
Eligibility 12th
Duration 2 Years

A diploma in food technology prepares individuals through an undergraduate diploma. This teaches different aspects related to food and its different forms as well as technologies that are used to process, pack, or deliver them to places on time. It also involves different ingredients for the same.

Diploma in Food Technology is a Diploma Equal Food Technology sequence. The food manufacturing is very modest and is constantly altering to meet consumer stresses and use scientific innovations. As the world population increases, food engineers are challenged with emergent ground breaking applications in biotechnology and dispensation of food, as well as sympathetic the link amid food, nourishment and health.

Food is energy source of the existing life force on the earth. So production, consumption and processing of food are a very important factor in the present scenario. Specially, while processing the food material one needs to take care of factors like hygiene-parameters and nutritional aspects, conservation methods and more importantly various regulations involved.


To seek admission to the diploma of food technology, it is important to meet some requirements. The student must have ten years of education to his name. He or she must also have 33% marks in all of the subjects individually. The normal tuition fee might be more or less but the average tuition fee lies between 50,000 INR to 1 Lakh INR for the whole three years.


The duration for a diploma in food technology in India is of three years. It takes six semesters to complete this diploma while each year has two semesters in it. These people can also take admission directly to the second year of a related food technology degree as well.

Diploma in Food Technology Syllabus

Subjects of Study
Food Technology
Sensory Evaluation Techniques
Food Microbiology
Cereal Technology
Food Analysis
Food Chemistry
Food Packaging
Dairy Technology
Cost Management & Accountancy

What is the diploma in food technology all about?

The world of foods is processing and progressing more and more. More types and varieties of food are being discovered as well as cultivated. This has also lead to different ingredients being used to pack, keep them longer, or deliver them as well. This is why there are many different subjects, rules, policies, standards, packaging materials and forms that have popped up for food and its different technologies. These subjects are all taught in this diploma. The subjects typically include food chemistry, food microbiology, food science and technology, sensory sciences, domestic cooking, and many others etc.

Employment Areas

  • Research & Development Centres
  • Academic Institutes
  • Flight Kitchens
  • Food Analysis Laboratories
  • Food Inspection Departments
  • Food Processing and Production Factories

Job Types

  • Analyst
  • Small-Scale Entrepreneur
  • Home Economist
  • Hygiene Executive
  • Technical Marketing Personnel
  • Product Development Executive

Jobs after courses

There are many different fields that open to these food scientists and food technologists after they complete their diploma. The entry-level salary is also between 30,000 INR to 35,000 INR