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A diploma in fitness management is the most popular diploma of all time. This is an undergraduate diploma in which different fitness management routines, plans, schedules, and workshops are provided to teach the ways in which one can sketch out different routines for different types of people and how they can help other people to maintain their fitness accordingly too.

Physical suitability is a state of health and well-being and, more specifically, the aptitude to perform aspects of sports, jobs and daily activities. Physical fitness is normally achieved through good nutrition, moderate-vigorous physical bodybuilding, and enough rest. Before the industrial rebellion, appropriateness was defined as the size to carry out the day’s actions without undue fatigue.

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What is the diploma in Fitness Management all about?

People are becoming more conscious about their fitness and fitness goals day by day. The media and fashion have brought forward this demand a lot more than before. Some people like to stay fit because they are habitual to it while others just want to stay in the trend. This is why a diploma in fitness management is much needed nowadays. People want to know if their fitness trainer is educated about the effective fitness ways. These fitness mantras and routines, as well as fitness developing skills and foods, are taught to these students so they can sketch different fitness ways for each body effectively.


In order to seek admission to the diploma program of fitness management, it is necessary that the candidate must have passed at least ten years of education from the recognized SSLC Examination Bard of India. It is also important that the passed subjects have at least a total of 33% in each subject. The average tuition fee for this fitness management diploma is between 40,000 INR to 1 Lakh INR.


The duration of a diploma in fitness management in India is of two to three years. Students can also take part in the second year of a bachelor’s degree in fitness management directly after acquiring this diploma.

Contents :

    • Anatomy & Physiology – Study of Nervous, Muscular & Skeletal Systems.
    • FITNESS SCIENCE:Exercise Principles of Anaerobic, Aerobic & Flexibility Exercises.


  • Gym Exercises in Fully Equipped Gym: Anaerobic/ Weight Training Exercises:
    45 Gym exercises with machines for Full Body Toning.
    Aerobic & Cardio Exercises:
    Cardio machines for Weight Loss & Heart Conditioning.
  • Body Shaping & Figure Control Exercises: For Weight Loss: Tummy Tucks, Thigh Tucks, Hip Tucks.
    For Weight Gain & Figure Correction: Shaping Thighs, Hips, Back, Chest.
  • CALISTHENICS – Floor Exercises For Special Health Conditions: Weight Loss/ Obesity, Diabetes & Arthritis
    Flexibility Training – Stretching Exercises to improve flexibility.

Job Types

  • fitness instructor
  • coach
  • personal trainer.
  • Sports facility manager
  • Corporate fitness director
  • Rehabilitation center director
  • Health club manager
  • Nutrition center manager
  • Professional or amateur team manager
  • Strength, wellness or conditioning coach
  • Fitness program or event planning manager

Jobs after course

The people of this diploma can open their own fitness centers. When hired, they have their own demand and popularity. The entry-level salary of these fitness management trainers is between 20,000 INR to 25,000 INR.


Ques. Diploma in Fitness Management course is Good for My career?

Ans. Yes, after Completing Diploma you can find a job as a Corporate fitness director, Health club manager, Strength, wellness or conditioning coach etc.

Ques. What is the Admission procedure of Diploma in Fitness Management?

Ans. Just fill the query form, The Counselor will guide you properly.

Ques. What is the Duration of Diploma in Fitness Management?

Ans. The Duration of Diploma in Fitness Management is 2 – 3 years. it mainly depends on Institute/University Conditions.