Diploma in Elementary Teacher Training

Offered By IMTS
Duration 3 Years
Eligibility 10th pass
Level Diploma
Admission Process Online / Offline
Type Online / Distance
Fee Structure Approx $ 147.44 – $ 221.16/*( As per University)
Course Type Autonomous

A diploma in elementary teacher training is an undergraduate diploma for teachers and elementary professionals. It teaches different subjects of teaching needed at elementary levels and provides a certificate when the diploma is completed over time. It is very important to people who need to pursue their career in education.

E.T.T. or Diploma in Basic Teacher Exercise is a student Diploma level course which contracts with a good toddler curriculum and can significantly donate to a child’s proper growth. ETT plays the important role of laying a groundwork for further education through a series of oversaw knowledge. It develops very crucially that not only the infant program that is accessible but also the instructors who would be a part of it appreciate the determination of their profile.


The duration for a diploma in elementary teacher training in India is of three years. It can be of two years sometimes too. There is a total of six semesters mostly that need to be completed.


In order to be eligible for admission to the diploma of elementary teacher training, it is important to have passed a twelve-year education from the Examination Board of India with at least 33% marks in each subject. The tuition fees for the diploma might be different at each university but the average tuition fee is between 50,000 INR to 1 Lakh INR.

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Diploma in Elementary Teacher Training Syllabus

Syllabus of Elementary Teacher Training as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges.

Year I
Sr. No. Subjects of Study
1 Principles of Education
2 Educational Psychology
3 Sociology of Education
4 Fundamentals of Teaching
5 Methodology of Teaching Languages
6 Methodology of Teaching Mathematics
7 Methodology of Teaching Science
8 Methodology of Teaching Social Science
Year II
1 Population Education
2 Special Education
3 Health Education
4 Human Rights Education
5 Guidance and Counselling
6 Educational Technology
7 Educational Evaluation
8 Internship training for a month

What is the Diploma in Elementary Teacher Training all about?

A diploma in elementary teacher training is very important to be gained because it helps teachers at elementary levels to profess with better understanding levels and techniques. It is the provision of this diploma that quality education becomes possible at early elementary years. There are lots of ways and techniques that are taught in this diploma. This includes topics that are related to early developmental stages of education for children such as arts, music, literature and many others etc. This also includes plans, methodologies, tips, and tricks to learn and retain well too.

Jobs after course

The diploma in elementary teacher training opens the world of elementary level teaching for these professionals. It provides teaching positions at different levels throughout elementary teaching. The entry level salary is between 15,000 INR to 20,000 INR according to the level at which they are acquired.

Diploma in Elementary Teacher Training Employment Areas

  • Educational Websites
  • Tuition Centres
  • Educational Institutes
  • Online teacher
  • Government Offices

Diploma in Elementary Teacher Training Job Types

  • Research Associte
  • Prep School Teacher
  • Primary Teacher
  • Part-time Teacher
  • Language Editor
  • Madam, In-charge & Helper


Ques. What is the Admission procedure of Diploma in Elementary Teacher Training?

Ans. Online/Offline.

Ques. How Can I apply for Diploma in Elementary Teacher Training?

Ans. Just fill the query form, Counselor will call You.

Ques. What are the Employment area after Completing Diploma in Elementary Teacher Training?

Ans. The Employment areas are Tuition Centres, Online teacher, Government Offices etc.