Diploma in Commercial Pilot 2021-22

Information About Diploma in Commercial Pilot

Eligibility 12th
Duration 1.5 Years
Approved By UGC
Fees 30,000/Y

Diploma in Commercial Pilot is a civil aviation course. Aviation is a field related to the commercial flights. The course is designed to impart the skills and techniques of creating new generation pilots. After completing the course the candidates can become co-pilots, crew members and also they can work as a ground staff. The duration of the course is 1.5 years. Candidates who have completed their 10+2 or other equivalent exams can opt this course.

Diploma in Commercial Pilot Eligibility:

  • 10+2 or other equivalent exams

Diploma in Commercial Pilot Duration:

  • The Duration of the course is 1.5 years

Course Syllabus:

The Syllabus of the Diploma in Commercial Pilot is given below:

Sr. No. Subjects of Study
(A) Air Navigation
1 Magnetism and Compasses
2 Basics of Navigation
3 Charts
4 Dead Reckoning Navigation (DR)
5 In-flight Navigation
(B) Mass and Balance – Aeroplane
1 Loading
2 Introduction to Mass and Balance
3 Centre of Gravity (cg)
(C) Performance
1 Performance of Multi-Engine Aeroplanes
2 Performance of Single-Engine Aeroplanes
(D) Flight Planning and Monitoring-Aeroplanes
1 Flight Plans for Cross Country Flights
2 ICAO ATC Flight Plan
3 Practical Flight Planning
4 Practical Completion of a ‘Flight Plan’ (flight plan, flight log, nav log ATC plan, etc.)
(E) Radio Navigation
1 Radio Aids
2 Basic Radar Principles
3 Self-contained and External-Referenced Navigation Systems
(F) Instrumentation
1 Power Plant and System Monitoring Instruments
2 Flight Instruments
(G) Aviation Meteorology
1 The Atmosphere
2 Wind
3 Clouds and Fog
4 Thermodynamics
5 Precipitation
6 Air Masses and Fronts
7 Pressure Systems
8 Climatology (More)
9 Flight Hazards

Diploma in Commercial Pilot colleges

There are many colleges offering this course a few out of them are as below:

  • All India Institute of Aeronautics, Ludhiana
  • Asiatic International Aviation Academy, Indore
  • Flytech Aviation Academy (FAA), Secunderabad
  • Haryana Institute of Civil Aviation (HICA), Karnal

Course Fee:

The course fee is dependent on institutions. But in general, it is 50000K INR for a semester.

Diploma in Commercial Pilot Job Types:

  • Quality Coach – Pilot Technology
  • Manager – Research & Development
  • Navy SSC Officer Pilot – Observer
  • Deputy Assist. Manager – Pilot Plant
  • Customer Care Officer/Sr. Customer Care Office
  • Project & Maintenance Manager
  • Spot Officer – Pilot Process
  • Cabinet Secretariat Trainee Pilot
  • Pilot Sales Representative
  • Pilot Officer Trainee

Diploma in Commercial Pilot Employment Areas

  • Airlines
  • Airports
  • Pilot Training Centres
  • Aviation Industry
  • Colleges & Universities


Salary is a dependent thing in this course. Salary depends on factors like recruiter size, job profile, location etc.

Career Options in Diploma in Commercial Pilot.

  • Airline and commercial pilots
  • Airline pilots, copilots, and flight engineers
  • Commercial pilots


Ques. Is it available in distance Education Mode?

Ans. Yes, It’s available in Distance Mode.

Ques. How to Apply for Diploma in Commercial Pilot Course?

Ans. Just fill the form, Counselor will Call you.

Ques. What is the Fees-Structure of Diploma in Commercial Pilot Course?

Ans. The Fees-Structure of Diploma in Commercial Pilot Course is 30,000/Year (approx.)