Degree in One Year BBA BSC BA BCA BCOM in India

Degree one year BBA, BSC, BA, BCA, BCOM in India: The way of study they choose decided as to how their future is going to be. In this advanced era, no one wants to give a long time in a one-year degree course that can easily be done in a short time. Degree in one year is one such example. This can be done in a year time rather than 3 years to devote. This is possible by the distance education system only.
{ This is a Breaking Study Process only for dropout Candidates }

Degree in One Year

Initially a few years back the distance education was not being considered as a good program system since people used to think that there was not equivalent education imparted to the students as they do in regular programs. But now it is a well-known fact that distance education is also similar to the regular courses. The students who have gained degrees in the last few years are doing great in career and this is a great proof of the above-said fact. Therefore, with the increased demand for distance education, the degree in a one-year system got introduced. The degree means a bachelor degree. In some places, it is also known as a top-up degree. Mostly one-year bachelor degrees are conferred through these top-up degree programs.

Online Graduation and Post Degree One Year 

Degree in One Year

The general degree programs are of three years while here in this course it can be completed in Degree in one year only. Many people may be confused about how a degree course can be completed in just one year. But to tell you the truth it is true and the education quality is also equivalent to the regular courses.

How should do degree One year:-With everyone the conditions are not always the same. There are several examples where students wanted to pursue education but could not do this due to various reasons. The reason may be the financial condition of the family. For such students, the degree in one year is the best option. Students can do a one-year graduation in just one year as compared to devoting 3 important years of life. Moreover, the students do not need to go to the colleges for joining classes and so this is the best part of the system.  They can complete a degree in one year at home only. In this way, the program is a very good choice for getting graduate one year degree course in the shortest time and that is one year only in Delhi Bangalore Dubai  Malaysia.
 Advantages of Degree one year:-

  • The student can complete it in one year only and he does not need to devote 3 years of his life.
  • The jobs are available easily just after the completion of the courses.
  • Anyone can do the course since it is available on the distance education system only.
  • No need to worry about the fee since it is very less than the regular programs.
  • Students can study at home with their own choice.
  • After Completed the degree course, candidates can apply for Postdegree course.

Degree in one year is the most common thing in India and many students are benefiting from the programs like BBA, BSc, BA, BCA or BCom. The degree means a bachelor degree after 12th. Many students leave further studies after 12th and those are benefited with such courses as BBA, BSc., BA, BCA or BCom. All students have to have is the 3-year gap after 12th. Everyone wants to save time in professional life and which resulting these courses are putting on top now. Degree in One Year comprises of many courses mentioned below.

BSc. one year Bachelor in Science is also available in many subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, etc. The course needs the person to have at least 3 years gap same as in the case of BA. The fee of the course is 35,000 to 160,000 INR. 

Career: – After BSc one year can do MSc for further education and also can join various jobs. The individual who has done BSc can also join colleges or schools for teaching. Several competitions can also be appealed to gain some reputed jobs in public sectors.

BA one year Bachelor of Arts is done in liberal arts. The course can be done in one year and the eligibility is 12th with 3 years gap in studies. The fee of the course is 25 Thousand to 70 Thousand INR.

Career: – After the course is done, the students are equally known as regular graduate courses. They can study further and or join jobs based on graduation. The individual can also pursue post graduation degrees such as MA.

BBA one year One-year courses also consist of the program BBA one year. This is a Bachelor in Business Administration. The course makes one enable to understand the basic aspects of business administration. The eligibility in 12th. The fee for the course is 40,000 to 1,40,000 INR.

Scope: – The career after BBA is awesome since it has jobs secured in the banking sector or the financial sector. BBA candidates love to do MBA and Master in business administration is the course that secures your job in any field.



B Com. one year

Bachelor is commerce in more or less similar to BBA. The eligibility is B.Com or any equivalent program. The fee Bachelor is commerce in more or less similar to BBA. The eligibility is B.Com or any equivalent program. The fee of the course is 30 Thousand to 80 Thousand INR.

Scope: – The professional career after B.Com is bright as one can pursue further education such as
M.Com and also can do a job in the market. Commerce students are always liked by the banking domain. Most of the public sector competition required the candidate to be B.Com only.

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Degree in one year (Previous) 

 Courses  Duration  Fees Approx  Course Online

MBA Total Quality

 2 Years  $ 1000- 1500   1 Jun-2018

MBA Project Management

  2 Years  $ 1000- 1500   2 Jun-2018

MBA Operations Management

  2 Years  $ 1000- 1500   3 Jun-2018

MBA in Logistics and Supply

  2 Years  $ 1000- 1500   4 Jun-2018

MBA Industrial Engineering

  2 Years  $ 1000- 1500   5 Jun-2018

MBA in Hospital Management

  2 Years  $ 1000- 1500   6 Jun-2018

MBA Financial Management

  2 Years  $ 1000- 1500   7 Jun-2018

MBA Banking and Finance

  2 Years  $ 1000- 1500   8Jun-2018

B tech Manufacturing Science and Engineering

  4 Years  $ 1000- 1500   9 Jun-2018

B tech Information Technology Engineering

  4 Years  $ 2300-3000   10 Jun-2018

B Tech Electronics and Electrical Engineering

  4 Years  $ 2300-3000   11 Jun-2018

B Tech Electronics and Communication

  4 Years  $ 2300-3000   12Jun-2018 
 B.A. Economics   3 Years  $ 1000- 1200   12 Jun-2018
 B.A. Education   3 Years $ 1000- 1200    13 Jun-2018 
 B.A. English   3 Years $ 1000- 1200    14 Jun-2018
 B.A. History   3 Years $ 1000- 1200    18Jun-2018 
 B.A. Political Science   3 Years $ 1000- 1200    16 Jun-2018
 B.A. Public Administration   3 Years $ 1000- 1200    19 Jun-2018
 B.L.I.S.   3 Years $ 1000- 1200    20 Jun-2018
 B.Sc. Biochemistry   3 Years $ 1000- 1500    20 Jun-2018
 B.Sc. Biology   3 Years $ 1000- 1500   21 Jun-2018
 B.Sc. Biotechnology   3 Years $ 1000- 1500   22 Jun-2018
 B.Sc. Chemistry   3 Years $ 1000- 1500   23 Jun-2018
 B.Sc. Computer Science   3 Years $ 1000- 1500   24 Jun-2018
 B.Sc. Mathematics   3 Years  $ 1000- 1500   25 Jun-2018
 B.Sc. Microbiology   3 Years  $ 1000- 1500   26 Jun-2018
 B.Sc. Physics   3 Years  $ 1000- 1500    27 Jun-2018
Diploma in Civil Engineering    3 Years  $ 1200- 1500    28 Jun-2018
 Bachelor of Social Work   3 Years  $ 1000- 1500    29 Jun-2018
 BCA    3 Years  $ 1200- 1500    30 Jun-2018
 Courses After 12th    1 year  $ 1000- 1500    31 Jun-2018
 B . Ed  2 Years  $ 1000- 1200    5 Jul-2018
 Graduation one year  1 Year  $ 1200- 1500    6 Jul-2018
 12th Fail Do Graduation  1 year  $ 1000- 1500    7 Jul-2018