Best Distance Learning Programs in India

Introduction: There are many distance learning programs and courses exists for students in India such that management courses like MBA, BBA, diploma course in management fields, technical courses like MCA, BCA, B.Sc. IT, M.Sc. IT etc and other traditional course such that BA, MA, B.Com. etc. Distance Learning Programs :- Student can also find diploma […]

Take Admission Online MBA in India

Distance Education MBA india    Eligibility Gradution Fees INR 15k-25k/ Year Affiliated UGC Support 9210989898 (Whatsapp) Level Master distance education mba india is known as Master in Business Application in correspondence. Today, the industries are running in a competitive world and so the requirement of management professional in always on. The course was first started in […]

25 Types of B.Tech Engineering in Distance Learning

B Tech Engineering Distance Learning B Tech engineering is an undergraduate academic degree conferred after completion of a three or four-year program of studies at an accredited university or accredited university-level institution. BTech Engineering in Distance Learning is the program that makes learn the small parts and equipment of the machinery by which machinery can be manufactured […]

M.Tech Correspondence | Engineering Courses

Master of technology or M tech correspondence is a course done after graduation in technological science (B Tech). It trains students in technological education in combination with scientific processes. The duration of the course is 2 years and divided into semesters. However it also depends on the rules of university opted for the course. This […]

Online Degree BBA Distance Education in Dubai

BBA Distance education in Dubai bachelor in business administration distance education : Here in Dubai, many of the students are keen towards studying business studies but it is not possible due to lack of proper education system in the country and nearby areas. So, Indian universities are working here, educating people with distance education system through […]

Diploma in Information Technology | Computer Science

Online courses like BBA, MBA, BCA, MCA in Information technology and computer science distance education is for those students who have much interest in computers and they like to play with it. There are several courses available in computer: – Diploma in computer application, Bachelor in Computer Application and master sin computer applications. The duration for the courses […]

What IMTS Approaches Distance Learning in Dubai, UAE, Oman ?

About Distance Learning Dubai Distance learning is made for the students who are far from the university, cannot afford the regular course fee, busy in their present job etc. distance learning Dubai is a study where a student can study without moving anywhere or interrupts their job or any doings so that one should not […]

Management Technical Distance Education Courses in Dubai, UAE

About Management Technical Distance Education in Dubai: Distance education refers to the study in which student’s study pattern goes in distance way like one does not need to attend regular study sessions and afford the high course fee of regular programs, all can be done in distance or online mode and fee can be reasonable […]

Online Bachelors Programs in Computer Engineering Courses

Computer Engineering Courses Distance Education Online Bachelor programs for Computer Engineering courses, through Distance education in India and across the worldwide. This course is the technical course, a study that helps students to create & develop software, hardware and network systems. The student learns the principles and methodologies of computer technology, computer networks and creation & procedures […]

Online Study in Canada Distance Education or Distance Learning

Study Through Distance Education Canada Course Details:  The Education field in India is not limited to just classroom now, online distance education is becoming a demand-able course in today’s era and adopted by professionals as well as individuals. One can do or continue their study online while sitting at home and even after being working […]