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Distance learning MBA and Part Time MBA are  popular courses in India and Worldwide like ( Dubai , Oman , Kuwait ) ,in nowadays, as all of us know, has become one of the best places in the world now for education. It is known as the education hub in the world. Therefore Part Time MBA in India and best part-time MBA programs is on its top now. Many universities and colleges are offering the course. In this way, students have gained more opportunities in life to excel in the professional world. Because of the advancement in the Distance learning field, most of the students are now choosing the place for gaining an education.

Best part time MBA Programs in India:-best part time mba program Let us try to know why India has started spreading the Distance learning and education online, mostly part time MBA in India. The majority of the persons working there are from outside the country and the locals there are never so education to gain top class jobs. The reason is the lack of the education resources for the locals there. People there do not care for the higher studies after the elementary education since the education market is not booking yet. Therefore, many universities there in the country started using online mode best part time MBA Programs so that many of the students who do not wish to continue studies can go further in education with the help of online media. Therefore, online MBA and part time MBA in India is on its top now and the students love to go the courses.

Best Part Time MBA Programs Advantages:- 

  • No need to live in India for the education. One can use the internet to connect to the colleges there. The colleges are operating websites where all study materials are given.
  • The doubts are removed with the help of student accounts at a website with the help of individual student login. The expert is always ready to do chat sessions so that a student can remove the doubts during the studies.
  • Examination is nothing to worry about since it has the option to appear at exams online at distances. Everything is covered online and so issues.
  • Location does not matter. One can easily do the online MBA  and executive MBA from anywhere in the world. All he needs is the computer set and the internet connection.
  • The part time MBA in India  are valid around the world. Students can get employment opportunities anywhere in the world.
  • Advance your skills and career development by earning your Master of Business Administrator online without having to move to a new location.
  • Join a world alumni network for professional and personal advancement.

4 Key Career Benefits From MBA Programs 

Networking opportunities
Transferable skills
Degree specializations
Higher employment rates

Eligibility: Any Bachelor’s degree (3-year Degree) Pass out from recognized University PART TIME MBA SPECIALIZATION

There is no nay difference in online MBA and Distance learning MBA. The level of knowledge distributed is same.

Admission Process : – The universities offering the Best Part Time MBA Programs have all information available online on respective websites and the same can be browsed thoroughly in order to get appropriate information. The application is submitted online with the help of online form. After it is submitted, it can be downloaded and sent to the postal address given on websites.  In some cases there are also the study circles available in your local area and the same can be contacted for admission process. They will help you with the process and get you admitted in the course.

Career:- After Best Part-Time MBA Programs in India, one has the option to teach in reputed colleges or join as a project manager in various companies. Public sectors are also available after the course.

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The Best  Part Time MBA Programs India via Distance Education.

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Affiliated UGC
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Courses Fee

 Courses  Duration  Fees Approx  Course Online

MBA Total Quality

 2 Years  $ 1000- 1500   1 Jun-2016

MBA Project Management

  2 Years  $ 1000- 1500   2 Jun-2016

MBA Operations Management

  2 Years  $ 1000- 1500   3 Jun-2016

MBA in Logistics and Supply

  2 Years  $ 1000- 1500   4 Jun-2016

MBA Industrial Engineering

  2 Years  $ 1000- 1500   5 Jun-2016

MBA in Hospital Management

  2 Years  $ 1000- 1500   6 Jun-2016

MBA Financial Management

  2 Years  $ 1000- 1500   7 Jun-2016

MBA Banking and Finance

  2 Years  $ 1000- 1500   8Jun-2016

B tech Manufacturing Science and Engineering

  4 Years  $ 1000- 1500   9 Jun-2016

B tech Information Technology Engineering

  4 Years  $ 2300-3000   10 Jun-2016

B tech Electronics and Electrical Engineering

  4 Years  $ 2300-3000   11 Jun-2016

B tech Electronics and Communication

  4 Years  $ 2300-3000   12Jun-2016 
 B.A. Economics   3 Years  $ 1000- 1200   12 Jun-2016 
 B.A. Education   3 Years $ 1000- 1200    13 Jun-2016 
 B.A. English   3 Years $ 1000- 1200    14 Jun-2016 
 B.A. History   3 Years $ 1000- 1200    18Jun-2016 
 B.A. Political Science   3 Years $ 1000- 1200    16 Jun-2016 
 B.A. Public Administration   3 Years $ 1000- 1200    19 Jun-2016 
 B.L.I.S.   3 Years $ 1000- 1200    20 Jun-2016 
 B.Sc. Biochemistry   3 Years $ 1000- 1500    20 Jun-2016 
 B.Sc. Biology   3 Years $ 1000- 1400   21 Jun-2016 
 B.Sc. Biotechnology   3 Years $ 1000- 1500   22 Jun-2016 
 B.Sc. Chemistry   3 Years $ 1000- 1500   23 Jun-2016 
 B.Sc. Computer Science   3 Years $ 1000- 1400   24 Jun-2016 
 B.Sc. Mathematics   3 Years  $ 1000- 1500   25 Jun-2016 
 B.Sc. Microbiology   3 Years  $ 1000- 1400   26 Jun-2016 
 B.Sc. Physics   3 Years  $ 1000- 1500    27 Jun-2016 
 Diploma in Civil Engineering    3 Years  $ 1200- 1400   28 Jun-2016 
 Bachelor of Social Work   3 Years  $ 1000- 1500    29 Jun-2016 
 BCA    3 Years  $ 1200- 1400   30 Jun-2016 
 Courses After 12th    1 year  $ 1000- 1500    31 Jun-2016 
 B . Ed  2 Years  $ 1000- 1200    5 Jul-2016 
 Graduation one year  1 Year  $ 1200- 1400   6 Jul-2016 
 12th Fail Do Graduation  1 year  $ 1000- 1500    7 Jul-2016