M.Sc Botany Distance Education From Periyar University

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Education iConnect offers counseling procedure for M.Sc. Botany through Distance Education from Periyar University at most genuinely.


M.Sc Botany Distance Education Periyar University:-

Botany is actually the Plant Science or Plant Biology. It is basically the study that is related to how the plants look like or how they function. Study of algae and fungi is also a part of the subject. The M.Sc. Botany degree enables the student to acquire the basic knowledge about the plant kingdom and paves the way for further specifications. We offer counseling procedure for MSc Botany Distance Education Periyar University at most genuinely.

Syllabus of M.Sc. Botany Distance Education from Periyar University:-

Algae, Fungi, Lichens, Plant Pathology and BryophytesCell Biology and Genetics
Pteridophytes and Gymnosperms and PalaeobotanyMicrobiology and Biotechnology
Taxonomy of Angiosperms and Economic importancePlant Physiology and Biochemistry
Plant Anatomy, Embryology and MicrotechniquePlant Ecology and Phytogeography
(Theory Papers I and II)(Theory Papers V and VI)
(Theory Papers III and IV)(Theory Papers VII and VIII)


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Min. Duration

2 Years

Max. Duration

3 Years