B.Sc. Physics Distance Education NIMS University

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IMTS Institute offers counseling procedure to the student for taking online admission in B.Sc. Physics during Distance Education from NIMS University.


BSc Physics Distance Education NIMS University

B.Sc. Physics is that the under graduate degree awarded by well-known universities in our nation to the students once the winning completion of their graduation in Microbiology. BSc Physics Distance Education NIMS University in Physics is helpful for the students in varied aspects and offers them with bright career.

Physics holds the learning of the most basic natural laws and is about explaining how and why things work on scales ranging from the sub-nuclear, through the everyday, and on to the entire cosmos. B.Sc. Physics Distance Education from NIMS University helps you explore and identify basic principles governing the structure and behavior of matter, the generation and transfer of energy, and the interaction of matter and energy. You will apply your acquaintance to areas such as developing superior materials, electronic and optical devices, and apparatus for a wide range of fields such as medicine, mining, astronomy and geophysics.

Syllabus of B.Sc. Physics Distance Education from NIMS University:-

Communication For ProfessionalsFundamentals Of Computer ScienceEnvironmental Studies
Electricity, Magnetism and Electromagnetic TheoryThermal PhysicsSolid State Physics & Thermodynamics
Semiconductor DevicesPhysical Optics and PhotonicsElectrodynamics
Classical Mechanics and Theory of RelativityBasic ElectronicsModern Physics
Properties of Matter and Kinetic Theory of GasesMolecular BiophysicsNuclear and Particle Physics
Electricity, Magnetism and Electromagnetic TheoryPhysical Optics and PhotonicsSolid State Physics & Thermodynamics
Semiconductor DevicesBasic ElectronicsElectrodynamics

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