B.Sc. Biotechnology Periyar University

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BSc Biotechnology Distance Education Periyar University: Biotechnology is the combination of Biology & Technology. It deals with the development & utilization of biological things, forms or systems to obtaining maximum benefit to human or other living things. Biotechnology is a rapidly developing branch of biology and is highly interdisciplinary. It involves the exploitation of biological processes at molecular, cellular and organism level. Modern biotechnology emerged with advancements in recombinant DNA technology & modifications of genes with genetic engineering methodologies and progressed to cell & organism level with advancements in animal cell culture technique.

BSc Biotechnology Distance Education Periyar University

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There are wide array of jobs opportunities in private and government sectors. You can find a job as a biotech specialist, safety expert, bioinformist, research analyst or scientific writer in the private sector. The principal employers in the private segment are chemical firms, food processing companies, biotech firms, and pharmaceutical companies.

Syllabus of BSc Biotechnology Distance Education from Periyar University:-

EnglishEnglishImmunology and Immunotechnology
HindiHindiPlant Biotechnology 3 100
Cell Biology and GeneticsMolecular BiologyAnimal Biotechnology
MicrobiologyDevelopmental BiologyBioprocess in Industrial Biotechnology
BiophysicsBiostatisticsRecombinant DNA Technology
BiochemistryComputer SciencesLab in Immunology, Plant &Animal Biotechnology,
BiophysicsLab in Molecular BiologyLab in Bioprocess in Industrial Biotechnology & Recombinant DNA Technology
Lab in Cell Biology, Genetics & MicrobiologyLab Biostatistics & Computer Sciences
Lab in Biochemistry

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Min. Duration

3 Years

Max. Duration

5 Years


10+2 or Equivalent