Online Courses and Online Education in India

The Online distance mode courses in India mean the courses that can be pursued at distances through internet. Online courses in India or online education in India have now been considered as most popular source of education for students due the flexibility and affordability provided to them. The courses are great choices for the students who want to study with their own choices and also at the comfortable environment.

Online Courses in India | Distance Education in India :

The distance mode courses from India are popular in India and abroad as well. These online courses in India  are designed in such a way that they actually enhance the capability of a student so that he can gain information in an easy way. There are many reasons why the online courses in India have become so popular in the country and outside as well.

An online degree is an academic that can be earned primarily or completely through the use of an Internet-connected computer, rather than attending college in a traditional campus setting.

online courses

The program allows the students to choose from a long list of courses. The online educations are great options for the ones who live in remote areas and no colleges are there for pursuing studies further. If a student want to pursue a particular subject and this is not available there in his city, the online courses help him to continue his studies with his own choice.

Online Distance Education Programs:-

The program is best option to provide flexibility to the students in terms of timings and classes. They can study when they want. This is based on their own convenience. With certain hours in a day, one can complete the course very easily. Since the course can be done from any place, a person who is fond of traveling can also pursue the course because he can log on to the studies anytime through a computer.

Benefits of Online Courses in India:-

The students get a chance to make networking with the online course. They can easily interact with their faculties, other students through internet making a network. In this way online education helps in discussing the doubts very easily. Internet helps in this concern. All you need to have is an internet connection and a computer. Nowadays the mobile phones are also being used for studies.

The ones who cannot join colleges and universities for some personal or financial reasons can also join the courses. This gives them a reason to excel in the desired subject even when they are working somewhere. In this way, they do not need to spend lots of money on studies.

Almost all kinds of courses are available with online courses in India like online Diploma, Bachelor, Masters and PhD. Those courses can be done in subject. There are many of the courses that need the student to reach to the colleges at far distant but due to various problems they are not able to this. Here helps the online education in India.

The distance mode courses are done at home with the help of internet and computer. Anyone who has the availability of these things can do online courses.

Also, the bachelor courses like BA,  B.Sc or the master courses like MA, MBA, M.Sc. are also available in online education system. Therefore the student who has done 12th can easily pursue these course despite doing jobs somewhere. There are various universities in India offering such courses.

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 Courses  Duration  Fees Approx  Course Online

MBA Total Quality

 2 Years  $ 1000- 1500   1 Jun-2017

MBA Project Management

  2 Years  $ 1000- 1500   2 Jun-2017

MBA Operations Management

  2 Years  $ 1000- 1500    3 Jun-2017

MBA in Logistics and Supply

  2 Years  $ 1000- 1500  4 Jun-2017

MBA Industrial Engineering

  2 Years  $ 1000- 1500  5 Jun-2017

MBA in Hospital Management

  2 Years  $ 1000- 1500  6 Jun-2017

MBA Financial Management

  2 Years  $ 1000- 1500  7 Jun-2017

MBA Banking and Finance

  2 Years  $ 1000- 1500   8Jun-2017

B tech Manufacturing Science and Engineering

  4 Years  $ 1000- 1500 9 Jun-2017

B tech Information Technology Engineering

  4 Years  $ 2300-3000 10 Jun-2017

B tech Electronics and Electrical Engineering

  4 Years  $ 2300-3000 11 Jun-2017

B tech Electronics and Communication

  4 Years  $ 2300-3000 12Jun-2017 
 B.A. Economics   3 Years  $ 1000- 1200 12 Jun-2017 
 B.A. Education   3 Years $ 1000- 1200  13 Jun-2017 
 B.A. English   3 Years $ 1000- 1200  14 Jun-2017 
 B.A. History   3 Years $ 1000- 1200  18Jun-2017 
 B.A. Political Science   3 Years $ 1000- 1200   16 Jun-2017 
 B.A. Public Administration   3 Years $ 1000- 1200  19 Jun-2017 
 B.L.I.S.   3 Years $ 1000- 1200  20 Jun-2017 
 B.Sc. Biochemistry   3 Years $ 1000- 1500  20 Jun-2017 
 B.Sc. Biology   3 Years $ 1000- 1500 21 Jun-2017 
 B.Sc. Biotechnology   3 Years $ 1000- 1500 22 Jun-2017 
 B.Sc. Chemistry   3 Years $ 1000- 1500 23 Jun-2017 
 B.Sc. Computer Science   3 Years $ 1000- 1500 24 Jun-2017 
 B.Sc. Mathematics   3 Years  $ 1000- 1500 25 Jun-2017 
 B.Sc. Microbiology   3 Years  $ 1000- 1500 26 Jun-2017 
 B.Sc. Physics   3 Years  $ 1000- 1500  27 Jun-2017 
 Diploma in Civil Engineering    3 Years  $ 1200- 1500  28 Jun-2017 
 Bachelor of Social Work   3 Years  $ 1000- 1500  29 Jun-2017 
 BCA    3 Years  $ 1200- 1500  30 Jun-2017 
 Courses After 12th    1 year  $ 1000- 1500  31 Jun-2017 
 B . Ed  2 Years  $ 1000- 1200  5 Jul-2017 
 Graduation one year  1 Year  $ 1200- 1500  6 Jul-2017 
 12th Fail Do Graduation  1 year  $ 1000- 1500  7 Jul-2017 


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