Online BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) in India

Online bca in India India IMTS offer best online BCA education: BCA online is the bachelor course that is done to know the knowledge about computer application. The Online bachelor course in computer application is known as Online BCA. Many students cannot pursue the course due to some problems and therefore the universities in India have started the online BCA course. The course is exactly similar to the regular one with 3 years of time duration.

Bachelor of Computer Applications is a three-year undergraduate degree course in the field of computer applications/computer science. After BCA the students can do further studies as MCA master in computer application. It is a common degree for CS/IT in Indian universities and is an alternative to the engineering counterpart.

Eligibility for the Online BCA India ( 12th Pass with Math)

The course is for those who are interested in computer and know how to play with it. The internet knowledge is also required since the course is done via online media only. The fee of the course varies differently in different universities. Distance BCA course helps students finding out the requirements for computer Application development and enhance the skills. After completion, BCA from Distance education students can handle information system and business software.  Online BCA Degree provides candidates with more options to specialize in system software legacy application software or mobile (Smart Phones) applications. Distance learning BCA courses for students who have completed the 10+2 and looking for a professional degree in Computing/IT.    
Approx fees : INR 8,000/ sem to  INR 10,000/ sem 
 One year BCA in India  ( Students can also call this Graduation one year )
Basic Introduction to Information TechnologyProgramming in C
Programming in CComputational Methods
Data StructuresFundamentals of Digital Computer
Oops with C++DBMS
Software (Testing, Engineering )Computer Architecture


There are certain things that students are always confused about and so they are so thoughtful before joining the program. We are going to explain these things here:-
Study at the desired time: This is one of the best things about the courses. All students also can be studied at their own time. Those who cannot attend classes can use this facility and can join the course. The colleges Providing the courses additionally run online classes where you can join them on the web.
In online BCA Student login facility:- Students are given login details of their distinctive accounts where they can log into the official portal of the university and can get their online study materials and conjointly alternative about the examinations and fee structure.
Exams can facilitate anywhere: The exams of the courses can be held anytime anywhere since it involves online media. A person doesn’t need to come back to the universities for the examination. and can appear at it from anywhere in the world with the help of a computer and internet connection.
Validation:- BCA course is valid across the world. Since it involves complete data regarding the courses, it’s similar worth as the regular Master of Business Application courses. All the companies around the world are offering jobs to the On-line BCA degree in India professionals. Therefore, one shouldn’t get confused regarding the validation of the course.

Online BCA course in India:– Location doesn’t matter in these type courses. BCA can be done from anywhere in the world and the reason is the internet and online media. So the classes can easily be done and so the exams.

Online BCA degree in India Career:-

The course has marvelous career option for the students after it is completed. Below are mentioned some of the job areas of the course:-
Job areas:-
Job Types:-
  1. Actuaries
  2. Chief Information Officer
  3. Computer Programmers
  4. Computer Training
  5. Computer System Analyst
  6. Independent Consultants
  7. Software Developers
  8. System Administrator
  9. Computer scientist
  10. Computer Support Service Specialist
  11. Computer Presentation Specialist
  12. Commercial and Industrial Designers
  13. Database administrators
  14. Information System Manager
  15. Project Manager
  16. Software Publishers


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