MBA In Rural Management

MBA Rural Management Distance Education

 Offered By IMTS
 Duration 2 Years
 Eligibility Graduation
 Type Online / Distance
 Level PG Course
 Admission Process Online / Offline
 Fee Structure Approx $ 670- $ 1191 ( As per University)
 Course Type Autonomous

MBA Rural Management Distance Education Rural areas are the ones which need the most attention when it comes to modern development and modernization projects in the different needed areas of the society. Since there isn’t much awareness of education, therefore, such a person is needed who can work efficiently and understand the subject well too. Hence an MBA Rural Management Distance Education is extremely necessary because professional help is provided through this postgraduate degree for the attainment of different tasks irrespective of which area they belongA MBA Rural Management Distance Education is a very diverse postgraduate level degree program because it provides knowledge about the skills, processes, approaches as well as the attitude required together to work in unison with intelligence to do the management needed in any rural area. This master’s degree is not easily attainable by all since it can be very different with respect to other master’s degree as well.

MBA Rural Management Distance Education Eligibility : If a candidate wishes to be eligible for taking admission to the master’s degree program in MBA of rural management it is important that he or she has successfully passed a two to three year bachelor’s degree with specialized studies majors in any field whereas the subjects of business and management can greatly prove handy for the same.It is also important that this MBA degree is attained in the specified time and that too from a recognized education provider as well. There might be some additional testing requirements for different off-campus modules too as they may vary with respect to the duration as well.

MBA Rural Management Distance Education Suitability  In order to achieve this master’s degree easily it is important that these professionals or students have the following skills in them that help them to learn and utilize this master’s degree very effectively as well

  • They have the required skills with necessary background in advance of the fields taught here in this postgraduate program
  • They are willing to learn in the toughest of conditions and are ready to work longer hours depending on the work as well
  • They have no problem working in different fields over time
  • They can work in absolutely any working environment
  • They have a lot of tolerance and can understand different people easily
  • They love to help people and have additional creativity within them to be super active at all times
  • They have the capacity to head anytime and make different decisions accordingly when needed as well.
  • They have a lot of innovative ideas and approaches to solve different problems and issues through different alternatives and bright ways
  • They are cooperative with people and know the ins and outs of different sectors very well
  • They can manage a lot of staff under them at one time
  • They can head more than one department at the same time
  • They are continuously on the way to produce something of great value for progress of the people

Hence this rural management degree is great scope provided a professional has the skills to compete in and be outstanding too.

MBA In Rural Management Syllabus

semester ISemester II
Essentials of ManagementFinancial Management
Quantitative Methods in BusinessResearch Methodology
Human Resource ManagementE-Commerce
Managerial EconomicsIndian Financial System
Computer Applications & MISManagement of NGOs & Action Research
Rural Society and InstitutionsRural Development: Concepts, Models and Programs
Management of Social EmpowermentManagement of Sustainable Agriculture
Financial & Managerial AccountingRural Markets and Marketing Management
Semester IIISemester IV
Business LawsOrganizational Effectiveness & Change
Environment and Natural Resource ManagementStrategies for Sustainable Rural Development
Energy Requirement in Agriculture & its ManagementIndustry and Agri-Business
Management of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & AquacultureRural Infrastructure
Watershed ManagementHigh Tech Horticulture
Global Business Environment & Rural Development


  • The scoop of Development activities in rural areas are good and the job opportunities after rural management courses are also good.
  • India Government has launched many schemes, the career after completing rural management course has increased.

Main Topic Covered in Courses.

  • Economic analysis for rural management
  • Rural society and polity
  • Rural livelihood and research methods
  • Development theories and practices
  • Natural resources and sustainability
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Legal environment
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Dairy development
  • Micro-finance
  • International trade
  • Agribusiness

MBA In Rural Management Job Types

  • National Sales Development Manager
  • Business Development Executive
  • Sales/Business Development Manager
  • Rural Development Officer
  • Sales Officer (more)
  • Purchase/Vendor Development Manager

        University :

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