MBA In Rural Development and Management

Information About MBA Rural Development Management Distance Education

Duration2 year
FeesApprox $ 670- $ 1191 ( As per University)
 Approved ByUGC

MBA Rural Development Management Distance Education There is no doubt that the wMBA In Rural Development and Managementorld is progressing very rapidly throughout in all sectors whether it’s an urban area or a rural one. The best part is that rural areas are continuously expanding and developing with great speed in comparison. This is why an MBA Rural Development Management Distance Education has become extremely important to be provided to because now more people are
interested in knowing these developments and technologies that will take them to higher areas of success and will bring their rural area at par to the urban ones.Hence the master’s degree of rural development and management is a dual postgraduate degree that not only teaches the specific subjects, skills and innovative measures required for the development of a rural area but also provide the techniques and approaches needed to manage them effectively on the side as well. Therefore the people who gain this masters degree can be great leaders in their own areas and can help many people at the same time collectively too.

Rural development is the process of improving the quality of life. Rural development is a comprehensive term. It’s basically focuses on action for the development of areas outdoor the mainstream urban economic system.

Eligibility:  In order to be eligible for the master’s program in Rural Development and Management it is necessary that the individual has at least some form of bachelor’s degree which has been gained from a recognized institution and has been completed successfully as well. Those who have completed this bachelor’s degree over four years or even three years (more than 2 years) and those who have completed their bachelor’s degree in construction, planning, architecture or development have significant preference over other candidates in this masters program.

Advantages: There are many advantages that are brought forward by this master’s degree program because it is greatly beneficial in both technical as well as general areas. These advantages are given below

  • They help not only an individual but also the surrounding area in which the development takes place
  • It brings about leadership qualities and great confidence along with it as well
  • It develops tremendous management skills and developmental approaches within the individual who completes this master’s degree program
  • It helps professionals gain advanced knowledge of this area that helps them stand out among the crowd
  • It brings about quality MBA Rural Development Management Distance Education skills along with the decision-making power that is enhanced through the different situations that one is put into throughout the master’s degree course
  • It helps professionals achieve their goals of maintaining and designing projects in the rural areas that are an example of their hard work and dedication
  • It helps these masters degree holders to explore their surrounding areas and go to different rural areas for the same as well

What is the Career Options after MBA in Rural Management? 

MBA in Rural Management grooms a candidate professionally for developing and preparing that is systematic and might help in the uplifting of the rural areas. With a Master of Business Administration degree, an aspirant develops many skills necessary for managing the difficulties that he/she can come across throughout on-field jobs.Master in Business Administration helps him/her to develop a personality and traits that are helpful in communicating with the individuals and convincing them regarding methods that can be useful. A candidate {is expected|is predicted|is anticipated} to possess a friendly attitude and should possess a sense towards rural community and an attitude to work for them. This course works towards molding the candidates, who have a heart for the rural area and a mind that thinks and talks business. By pursuing Master in Business Administration in rural management the people, as well as groups, imbibe in them a sense of respect for those who are less-privileged and are poor.

        University :

Teaching methods: The different teaching methods available for the MBA in Rural Development and Management are provided keeping in mind the needs of working students and profession
also as well. These teaching methods for this master’s degree are given as follows

  • MBA Rural Development and Management for students (full-time)
  • MBA Rural Development and Management for professionals (part-time and off-campus)

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MBA Rural Development Management Distance Education Employment Section

Academic Institutions

  • ICICI Bank
  • Amul
  • Shriram Group
  • Research & Consultancy Firms
  • Finance Institutions
  • Rural and Agriculture Financing
  • Insurance Companies
  • Banks
  • Tata Teleservices

MBA Rural Development and Management Job Types

Business Development Executive
Sales Officer
National Sales Development Manager
Sales/Business Development Manager
Rural Development Officer
Purchase/Vendor Development Manager

How can I take admission?

One can apply for taking admission either online mode or offline mode( i.e. filling form with your own handwriting). If you face any kind of difficulty, you can also talk to our expert. and also can mail all documents on mail id and can pay fees by online process.

How can I pay fees in imts?

Students can pay their fees by online payment procedure, likewise Pay pal, NEFT, Visa Card, Cash etc.

If my counselor does not give me response than what I do?

In case counselor is unable to take your call then students also can mail us on this E-mail id The student will get a response within 24 hours.

Is this course is approved for my job?

Yes, the Courses offered by our institute that is approved by UGC and DEB. These courses are valid for Govt jobs and also any govt examination.

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