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Information About MBA Public Relations Distance Education

Duration1 or 2 Year
FeesINR 20450/Y
Approved ByUGC

MBA Public Relations Distance Education, Public Relation used to be thought of as something very ordinary just a couple of years back but this is not the case anymore as the world has realized that dealing with the public with effective strategies and better approaches is extremely important to get good business and success. This is why an MBA in Public Relations and such other masters programs like MBA in Public Administration etc have also been offered.

MBA Public Relations Distance Education These postgraduate programs help one deal with the public very efficiently while teaching them international relations alongside as a part as well.The MBA Public Relations Distance Education is a two-year degree program which is offered in different modules for both professionals and students who have recently gained interest in this field as well. It provides dedicated advanced subjects of communication, public handling, public maintenance, speaking variations, grooming and other areas of image building and image management as well.

MBA Public Relations Distance Education is the practice of dealing the spread of information between an individual or an organization and the public.  Public relations may contain an organization or individual gaining exposure to their audiences using topics of public interest and news items that do not need direct payment. A public relations course is designed for students to prepare you with good skills like speaking in public and understanding the listener’s psychology to enable the useful exchange of information.

Eligibility:  If anyone wants to seek admission in the MBA Public Relations Distance Education then it is necessary that he or she has successfully obtained a bachelor’s degree in some specific related field or simply has a bachelor’s degree in business subjects that have duration of up to two years at least and has project work included in it too.

Teaching methods:   There are many teaching methods available for the master’s degree program in Public Relations which is now sought by many companies to have such Public Relations handling the staff that can handle their operations well for the public. Hence this MBA Public Relations has the following options

  • MBA (Public Relations) full-time two-year study
  • MBA (Public Relations) part-time study (two plus years)
  • MBA (Public Relations) distance education off-campus study for professionals
  • MBA (Public Relations) online education off-campus study for professionals

Since the classes in these professional programs may be offered weekly to facilitate these office-bound professionals hence it might take more than two specified years for the same master’s degree program to complete.

Five reasons MBA Public Relations Distance Education

1. Finance- Finance is that the language of business and a Master in Business will assist you to know why an organization can book a good quarter and go bankrupt the next day. money is king and the managerial financial course will teach you how a cash flow statement ties the financial statement to the record.

2. Accounting- I once had a boss that would beat with two weeks left in the quarter and say, “Here’s $50,000 for your budget, but you’ve got to pay it before the quarter is over.” certain it’s a signal of poor planning and leadership, however, I may additionally perceive why it had been happening: accounting. Accounting is one of the foremost counter-intuitive disciplines in business. Enron for instance, an organization whose collapse brought down one among est the biggest accounting corporations with it in Arthur Anderson, was entirely supported accounting tricks.

3. Economics- It’s not all offer aspect and it’s not all demand. Understanding social science permits you to know business models, that is that the essence of however a business makes cash. This, after all, is one amongst the largest complaints business purchasers have of PR firms: they only don’t perceive our business.

4. Context- Everything we tend to neutralize PR is predicated in context – the power to piece along items of knowledge to visualize a bigger story. The terrible term, “contextual marketing” has gained traction these days, however, it’s one thing that needs to be wont to PR professionals.

5. Credibility- The Master in Business program comes with a regular set of courses that square measure demand to graduate. this implies each leader, or each shopper is aware of specifically what they’re obtaining after they rent you, your firm or cause you to a suggestion of employment.Career prospects This MBA Public Relations program has many advantages that are provided to these graduates of Public Relations degree program. They are given as follows

  • They prepare the individual for handling daily as well as professional public affairs very easily
  • They can recover from any situation and can handle different situations very well
  • One learns to build their image and can bring about any image for anyone or any corporation as well
  • They can develop great corporations and bring about many different relations and ventures professionally through different utilized channels
  • They know how to represent any matter and bring it into their favor
  • They can handle media and such related matters fluently and efficiently
  • They have classy jobs and are always paid for their in-style and up to dated affairs
  • They are always in the best ventures, events and programs and in the news as well

MBA Specialization courses list click here Hence this MBA in Public Relations is a very attractive postgraduate degree for those who love to be in the media industry along with their work.

MBA in  Public Relations Salary

After completing MBA in Public Relations, you can earn as Manager normal salary of 484,00 per year. A skill in Marketing Communications is associated with high pay for this job. After getting some Experience you can earn more than expectation.

Syllabus of Advertising Management & Public Relations:

First YearSecond Year
Principles and Practices of ManagementStrategic Marketing and Brand Management
Quantitative techniques and Business StatisticsFinancial and Cost Accounting
Business Communication and Personality DevelopmentCommercial Designing
Principles of MarketingPrinting Technology
Principles of Advertising ManagementProduction Technology-Audio/Video & Film
Principles of Advertising ManagementHuman Resource Management
Computer ApplicationsComputer Graphics
Principles of Public Relations ManagementCorporate Communications
Media PlanningInternet Marketing
Marketing & Advertising ResearchCreative Writing
Creative WritingClient Servicing & Account Planning
Management of Advertising AgencyCampaign Planning
Consumer BehaviourComputer Animation
Organizational Behaviour
Principles of Mass Communication

MBA in  Public Relations Employment Areas

  • Brand & Marketing
  • Educational Institutes
  • Multinational Companies
  • Tourism Industry
  • Industrial Houses
  • Business Consultancies
  • Public Works
  • Personal Business (more)

MBA in Public Relations Job Types

  • Marketing Executive
  • Consultant
  • Trials Executive
  • Systems Manager
  • PRO/Public Relation Officer
  • Account Manager
  • Receptionist
  • Junior Consultant and Sr. Consultant
  • Corporate Manager
  • Business Development Manager

For More Details-

How can I take admission?

One can apply for taking admission either online mode or offline mode( i.e. filling form with your own handwriting). If you face any kind of difficulty, you can also talk to our expert. and also can mail all documents by mail id and can pay fees by online process.

How can I pay fees in imts?

Students can pay their fees by online payment procedure, likewise Pay pal, NEFT, Visa Card, Cash etc.

If my counselor does not give me response than what I do?

In case counselor is unable to take your call then students also can mail us on this E-mail id The student will get a response within 24 hours.

Is this course is approved for my job?

Yes, the Courses offered by our institute that is approved by UGC and DEB. These courses are valid for Govt jobs and also any govt examination.

Duration2 Years
TypeOnline / Distance
LevelPG Course
Admission ProcessOnline / Offline
Fee StructureApprox $ 670- $ 1191 ( As per University)
Offered ByIMTS
Course TypeAutonomous

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