MBA one year degree

MBA one year degree Distance Education

 Duration One Year
 Eligibility Graduation
 Type Online / Distance
 Level PG Course
 Admission Process Online / Offline
 Fee Structure Approx $ 670- $ 1191 ( As per University)
 Offered By IMTS
 Course Type  Autonomous

While many universities and institutions offer this masters degree for two years, the MBA one year degree Distance Education is a short extract of this masters degree level course that provides general subjects training and practical skills required to maintain and manage an area related to business very well and extremely efficiently and effectively on time as well.

MBA one-year degree Distance Education

MBA also known as the masters in business administration is a postgraduate level degree that is normally completed after taking full fourteen years of study at least from a recognized institution and in a dedicated subject field as well. This master’s degree is a professional degree that is normally provided over two years in the area of Textile, Supply Chain Management, Hotel and Tourism Management, Retail Management, Industrial Management, Public Relations, Public Administration, Personnel Administration and many scores of other sectors and areas that require special training and knowledge gaining practical experiences over time.


In order to be eligible for admission to this one-year master’s degree program, it is necessary that the individual has completed a bachelor’s degree of at least three years in a dedicated field of study while the subject field can vary from sciences to business, engineering, and arts too. It is important that the degree has been gained from a recognized institution and that the degree has been passed successfully in the given duration too.


There are numerous advantages of acquiring an MBA degree and that too in one year. These MBA one-year degree advantages are given below

  • They are a quick short extract of the two-year course
  • They are generally not too technical but more towards a conceptual model of practicality
  • It provides subject knowledge related to your fields with respect to business aspects and also those that are generally combined to develop the skills needed for the same
  • A one year MBA provides quick and smart methods and approaches required for completing things by finding alternate routes
  • It helps the individuals to develop alternate ways easily in every situation and preps them for quick analysis and recovery besides innovative strategies as well
  • An MBA one year degree Distance Education holder is always very confident with his business principle and rules with respect to the law, approaches, and operations that are related to it.
  • An MBA degree holder knows what to do in tough situations and how to remain calm in hectic circumstances to keep a fresh mind and give reasonable solutions at the same time as well
  • He learns great management skills through such a postgraduate program that also helps him to communicate more conveniently and effectively.

Teaching prospects

The one-year MBA program is offered in four different modules of teaching in all. They have been provided keeping in mind the needs of everyone who needs these master’s degrees to excel and advance in their already consumed field. These different methods for the one-year MBA postgraduate program are given as follows.

  • MBA part-time study
  • MBA full-time study
  • MBA online study
  • MBA distance study
Operations ManagementPublic RelationsMaterials and Logistics ManagementLogistic and Supply Chain Management
InsuranceIndustrial ManagementMarketing and Retail ManagementForeign Trade
Fashion ManagementExport ManagementEvent ManagementDisaster Management