MBA In Insurance

Information About MBA Insurance Distance Education

Approved ByUGC
Duration2 Years
Type Online / Distance
LevelPG Course
Admission Process Online / Offline 
Fee Structure Approx $ 670- $ 1191 ( As per University)
Offered By IMTS 
Course Type Autonomous

An MBA Insurance Distance Education is very important for any profession in order to get great expertise in a specific needed field. This is why an MBA in Insurance is also available in many different parts of the world so that people who have been familiar with the insurance sector can get advanced knowledge about this subject with respect to its operations, procedure, and processes as well.

Insurance is a means of protection from financial loss.The insurance transaction includes the insured assuming a guaranteed and known relatively small loss in the form of payment to the insurer in exchange for the insurer’s promise to compensate the insured in the event of a enclosed loss.  MBA in Insurance makes candidates to pursue careers in financial analysis or even insurance underwriting. we provide applicants with a foundation to develop and pursue their core capabilities and take on more challenging roles in Business Insurance.

The MBA Insurance Distance Education is a two-year postgraduate degree where the subjects of business are taught with respect to the Insurance subjects and Insurance related operations and law. This degree also provides extra expertise and knowledge through different case studies and real world scenarios over two years through research thesis completed at the end of the program as well. It is offered in different prospects in accordance with the needs of the students and the professionals too.


For admission to the MBA Insurance Distance Education, it is important that the student or the applicant who is willing to take part in this master’s degree program has completed a bachelor’s degree in business administration and has successfully completed it through at least a three-year bachelor’s program as well. There might be some other requirements if professionals choose to acquire this postgraduate degree through the specially designed teaching methods available for them in line with flexible schedules as well.

This has made this Masters degree of MBA in Insurance even more demanded as well.


There are different requirements that make this master’s degree easier to attain and give them an extra competitive advantage over others as well. These extra skills that might work splendidly for this MBA with majors in Insurance degree are given as follows

  • Those students that have keen interest in knowing about the insurance plans, operations and skills are very well suited for this postgraduate program
  • Professionals who are already in this Insurance field and want to gain extra knowledge of the upcoming trends and processes are the ideal candidates for this master’s program
  • Students who wish to have safety risks and great coverage skills in them already are greatly adept at learning more through this postgraduate degree as they understand the risks, the processes and operations really well and quickly in comparison to others.

Teaching modules: There are many other modules that are available for the attainment of the MBA in Insurance besides the full-time 2-year Insurance postgraduate program on campus. These greatly help professionals to take part in this master’s degree program as well. Since their schedule may vary in accordance with the needed work of these professionals hence this postgraduate degree program may take more than 2 years to be completed.

  • MBA Insurance part-time (2 + years for professionals)
  • MBA Insurance full-time (2 years for students)
  • MBA Insurance online education (2+ years for professionals)
  • MBA Insurance distance education (2+ years for professionals)

Hence the MBA Insurance program is a very global postgraduate degree that can provide a lot of expertise through this two-year master’s program.

MBA Banking & Insurance Employment section

  • HSBC
  • Kotak Mahindra
  • HDFC
  • American Express
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Standard Chartered

MBA Banking & Insurance Jobs

  • Insurance Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Marketing and Sales Manager
  • Financial Manager
  • Management Analyst
  • Accountants and Auditor
  • Account and Auditor
  • Stock Analyst (more)

For More Deatils-

How can I take admission?

One can apply for taking admission either online mode or offline mode( i.e. filling form with your own hand writing). If you face any kind of difficulty, you can also talk to our expert. and also can mail all documents on mail id and can pay fees by online process.

How can I pay fees in imts?

Students can pay their fees by online payment procedure, likewise Pay pal, NEFT, Visa Card, Cash etc.

If my counselor does not give me response than what I do?

In case counselor is unable to take your call then students also can mail us on this E-mail id The student will get a response within 24 hours.

Is this course is approved for my job?

Yes, the Courses offered by our institute that is approved by UGC and DEB. These courses are valid for Govt jobs and also any govt examination.

Syllabus of Banking & Insurance:

First Year Second Year
Principles and Practices of ManagementStatistic for Management
Communication ManagementOrganizational Behaviour
Accounting for ManagersTeam management
Principles & Practices of BankingLegal Aspect of Banking
Economics for ManagersTreasury & Risk Management
Financial ManagementStrategic Credit management
Insurance ManagementResource mobilization and marketing of banking services
Insurance ProductRetail Insurance management (housing, vehicle, consumer and personal loans, etc); OR advance technology in banking (ATM, Internet banking, etc)
Marketing ManagementCounter operations, savings bank, current account and remittances
Marketing Information SystemMutual funds and portfolio management
Human Resource ManagementFundamentals of infrastructure project financing
Merchant Banking & Financial ServicesCorporate Insurance management

University :

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