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Process to join MBA Human Resource Management in Distance Education learning 

Duration1 or 2 years

MBA Human Resource Management Distance Education in India.

What do you know about MBA Human Resource Management Distance Education? A human that means the workforce that concerned in an organization. Resource means the partial and availability. Management that means the proper utilization of workforce. Human resource management that means a process of hiring and developing the employees as per the requirement of the organization.

An MBA Human Resource Management Distance Education is the most common degree of all types of postgraduate programs. This is because the postgraduate degree is offered with majors in many numerous subjects and can be gained through the combinational business subjects and other special subjects like Human resource management which has become a very important part of many companies now.

MBA Human Resource Management Distance learning is a postgraduate degree level which is provided over two years with specialized studies in Human Resources besides business administration subjects too. The master’s degree in Human Resources management provides not only the features of a management course but also the aspects related to the Human Resources of a company. Human resource has become very important now as companies have now understood the importance of having an HR department to deal with the different affairs of the employees at a company.

Human resources focus on maximizing employee efficiency. HR professionals manage the human capital of an organization and focus on realizing policies and processes. They can specialize in recruiting, training, employee-relations or benefits. Recruiting specialists find and hire top talent. HR management is a process of hiring and developing the employees according to the organization conditions. It is the age of development in all around the world. Many industries are being established in many countries. HRM is the backbone of any industry in order to the skilled and knowledgeable employees.

Eligibility: Candidates who want to have a postgraduate degree in Human Resource Management can take admission in the master’s program of business administration with majors in Human Resource Management if they have successfully passed any bachelor’s degree with dedicated years of two full-time or equivalent years at least. It is important that the bachelor’s degree has been completed. Those students who have already studied business administration can find it easy to enroll in this master’s degree program.

Fees Suitability: It is very important that you know about the course you are studying especially when it comes to a postgraduate course because you need to research and provides reports of what you have understood too. Hence the MBA Human Resource Management Distance Education is well suited for the following types of people in the best way.

  • People who have studied the business administration course subjects in their bachelor’s study
  • People who are keen at learning new people
  • People who are the pro at making people give in to their demands or make them agree to a certain point without issues
  • People who like to talk and investigate in a friendly manner a lot
  • People who can well manage many different things at the same time
  • People who have great communication and leadership skills
  • People who are well groomed and have great confidence in them
  • People who like to socialize and stay updated according to what could be the best for any particular situation

BenefitsThere are numerous benefits of choosing an MBA in Human Resource Management as your postgraduate degree program. They are given as follows

  • The MBA degree program grooms up one’s personality even more than before
  • The MBA Human Resource specialization provides great exposure and confident communication modes and ways to different types of people
  • The postgraduate program makes you excellent at communicating others what is required of them straight away.
  • MBA HR Management provides all the skills needed to maintain different types of work with great managing capabilities.
  • They provide great convincing power too.
  • The common entrance test includes different papers like English, Problem Solving, Data Analysis and Interpretations, Numerical Ability, Logical Reasoning and General Awareness.

MBA Human Resource Management Syllabus

Year I
Subjects of Study
Accounting and Finance for Managers
Principles of Management and Organizational Behaviour
Managerial Economics
Human Resource Management
Research Methods for Management
Quantitative Techniques for Management
Corporate Communication
Marketing Management
Operations Management
Year II
Personnel Management Concepts
Human Resource Development and Planning
Methodology of Training & Development
Organizational Development and Change
Performance Management: Systems and Strategies
Compensation Management
Industrial Relations Management
Strategic Management
Business Environment & Ethics (more)

University :

What is the advantage of Human resource management?

If you’re a human resources skilled, you’ve in all probability given some thought as to if you wish to pursue a graduate degree at some purpose in your career, and whether or not that degree includes a payoff. That line of thought may take you into what kind of degree to pursue – if a master’s degree focused in human resources or human capital makes sense or if an MBA can build a distinction.

After finishing this course student can Improved pay and More job opportunities as well as Play a more active leadership role.There is a various job opportunity in the field of HR management. all industry need to hire an HR administrator to settle and handle the activities as regards the hiring of an employee, their benefits, reimbursement, salary settlement, training & growth and maintain the work performance of the worker, and ensure that all tricks is done as per the company policy.

MBA Human Resource Management Distance Education Salary

As a fresher, you can get between Rs 2-5 L per year. The salary depends on several factors such as the organizations you work, work experience, company location etc. After gaining an experience, you can earn between Rs 4 to 7 lakh per annum.

M.B.A. Human Resource Management Job Types

  • Survey Manager or Data Supervisor
  • Culture Resource Manager
  • Sales Executive/Officer
  • Urban Planner
  • Social Worker
  • Human Resource Executive/Assistant Manager
  • Product Development Executive
  • Production Manager

The key papers for MBA Human Resource HR management course are:

  • Retention
  • Motivation
  • Labour Relations
  • Labour Legislation
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Industrial Relations
  • Training & Development
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Labour Welfare & Social Security

An MBA in HR Post graduate can work in the industries,  schools, corporate, colleges and MNC’s.There is an adequate number of job in India, and there is a great prospect to work in abroad.Some of the job titles of this field are:

  • Technical Recruiter
  • Compensation Manager
  • Director of HR Training and Development
  • Employee Relations Manager
  • Employment or Placement Manager
  • Organizational development and change consultant
  • HR Generalist
  • Staffing Director

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 Duration 2 Years
 Eligibility Graduation
 Type Online / Distance
 Level PG Course
 Admission Process Online / Offline
 Fee Structure Approx $ 665- $ 1185 ( As per University)
 Offered By IMTS
 Course Type Autonomous

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