MBA in Entrepreneurship Management Distance Education

Information About MBA Entrepreneurship Management Distance education

Duration1 or 2 Year
FeesINR 20580/Y
Approved ByUGC

MBA Entrepreneurship Management Distance education in India.

MBA Entrepreneurship Management Distance Education Having a single degree is very common these days which is why dual degrees have evolved which provide combinational specialized studies in more than one area. Postgraduate degree programs have such combinational studies because people want to learn skills and expertise at a deeper level.

The postgraduate degree program for entrepreneurship management is also a dual degree that combines the management degree aspects with the entrepreneurship skills through the main and general subjects of business studies. Hence the MBA Entrepreneurship Management Distance Education is the best way to go about for any masters program because it has two master’s courses combined together to provide one master’s program in entrepreneurship management.

This masters program can be completed over a span of two years while there are also some teaching methods that provide ease of schedule for professionals to gain their master’s degree alongside their job, so it takes about three years to complete the MBA Entrepreneurship Management Distance Education in that case. MBA in entrepreneurship programs are designed for those candidates who want to lead and manage business enterprises, such as those who want to start their own businesses.

EligibilityIn order to be eligible for admission to the master’s program of entrepreneurship management, it is important that the student or the professional who wants to gain the master’s degree has passed a previous bachelor’s degree with at least two years of dedicated studies.

The bachelors can be of any subject while those who have done bachelor’s in business administration have an advantage over those who are coming from other backgrounds as they have the basic know-how of the underlying management subjects already.

Suitability: In order to excel at any postgraduate program, it is necessary that the one who wants to have that master’s degree knows what it requires. Hence the following are some points for the master’s degree achievement of the business administration with majors in entrepreneurship management program.

  • If the individual has not done his bachelor’s degree in relation to business subjects for business administration then they should have basic knowledge of business subjects so that they can learn faster
  • They should be people who have a lot of confidence and can take responsibilities as well as small to big decision with proper analysis pretty easily
  • The individuals who want to have the advantage over others should have good communication skills so that their master’s degree in entrepreneurship management is fully utilized.
  • The master’s degree program in business administration with entrepreneurship management majors provides great adaptability which is why students should be confident and fast learners.

MBA Entrepreneurship Management Distance education Syllabus

Syllabus for M.B.A. Entrepreneurship by various universities and colleges in India

Sr. No.Subjects of Study
1Unit I
Entrepreneurship: Concept, knowledge and skills requirement; characteristic of successful entrepreneurs; the role of entrepreneurship in economic development; entrepreneurship process; factors impacting the emergence of entrepreneurship; managerial vs. entrepreneurial approach and emergence of entrepreneurship.
2Unit II
Starting the venture: generating business idea – sources of new ideas, methods of generating ideas, creative problem solving, opportunity recognition; environmental scanning, competitor and industry analysis; feasibility study – market feasibility, technical/operational feasibility, financial feasibility; drawing business plan; preparing project report; presenting business plan to investors.
3Unit III
Functional plans: marketing plan – marketing research for the new venture, steps in preparing marketing plan, contingency planning; organizational plan – form of ownership, designing organization structure, job design, manpower planning; Financial plan – cash budget, working capital, Performa income statement Performa cash flow, perform balance sheet, break even analysis.
4Unit IV
Sources of finance: debt or equity financing, commercial banks, venture capital; financial institutions supporting entrepreneurs; legal issues – intellectual property rights patents, trade marks, copy rights, trade secrets, licensing; franching.

Career Opportunities: There are more routes to changing into an entrepreneur: beginning a brand new Business conception, shopping for a Franchise, shopping for an Existing Business, starting a “Work at Home” Business, becoming an advisor.

10 Ways for MBA Degree Can Help Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

 (1) You Learn Different Ways of Running Your Business: A Master in Business Administration shows you totally different alternatives of running your business. whether or not it’s centralized or decentralised, you’ll fathom the professionals and cons of every option. Obviously, their areas many ways of running a corporation as there are, say, human beings. but the bottom line is that MBA case studies provide you with insight into the minds of leaders at large companies, teaching you how to copy the successes of the winners and the way to shun the mistakes of the losing firms.

(2) You Can Take Your Business Global: A Master in Business provides you the conceptual tools and sensible steerage needed to take your business global. In today’s marketplace, international expansion is a must, especially if you operate in a field that’s domestically thronged or an international market whose entry barriers are marginal or nonexistent.

(3) You Can Become a Thought Leader: The intellectual rigor a Master in Business Administration program needs makes most degree holders potential thought leaders in their fields. and so might you! no matter your business aspirations, you can establish yourself as an intellectual authority during a field or on a selected topic. That, again, is another supply of revenue, simply just in case your business ventures don’t pan out.

(4) You Can Build a Strong Online Presence: You can translate your web of offline connections into a powerful online presence. we advise you produce personal and business accounts on the most common social networks, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Actively participate in activities that your college and alumni association periodically post.

(5) You Make Lifelong Contacts: Don’t be keep once you inscribe in a Master in Business class. remember that every person in this classroom may be a current or future business leader, a professional in his or her field, or an energetic social enterprise. Create as many contacts as you can. Reach bent others, interact a frank and relevant voice communication, and create connections that would prove to be long contacts. You neer know: you may bet on these personal linkups into future business or social partnerships.
MBA Entrepreneurship Management Distance education

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University :

Types of teaching methods offered Looking at the type of majors which is provided in this master’s program of entrepreneurship management, the teaching courses have been developed keeping in mind the schedule and flexibility of the professionals who are working because this master’s degree is meant for professionals who need to gain their entrepreneurship and management skills to excel at their work. Hence the following are the methods of teaching for MBA with majors in entrepreneurship management.

  • Distance learning entrepreneurship management
  • Online learning entrepreneurship management

Industries that hire:

  • Banking
  • Automobile
  • Advertising
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Small and medium enterprise management
  • Cement
  • Information technology
  • Insurance

MBA Entrepreneurship Management Distance education Employment Areas

  • Mining Companies
  • Advertising Companies
  • Banking Sector
  • Retail Sector
  • Oil and Gas Sector
  • Agriculture Sector
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Automobile Industry
  • Real Estate

MBA Entrepreneurship Management Distance education Entrepreneurship Job Types

  • Finance Controller
  • Delivery Manager
  • Asst Manager
  • Senior Network Administrator
  • Placement Coordinator
  • System Analyst (more)
  • Trainee Telesales
  • Asst. Manager
  • Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Executive/Office Assistant

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MBA Entrepreneurship Management Distance education How can I take admission?

One can apply for taking admission either online mode or offline mode( i.e. filling form with your own handwriting). If you face any kind of difficulty, you can also talk to our expert. and also can mail all documents on mail id and can pay fees by online process.

How can I pay fees in imts?

Students can pay their fees by online payment procedure, likewise Pay pal, NEFT, Visa Card, Cash etc.

If my counselor does not give me response than what I do?

In case counselor is unable to take your call then students also can email us on this E-mail id The student will get a response within 24 hours.

Is this course is approved for my job?

Yes, the Courses offered by our institute that is approved by UGC and DEB. These courses are valid for Govt jobs and also any govt examination.

MBA Specialization courses list click here Full and part time MBA Entrepreneurship Management Distance education

Offered ByIMTS
Duration2 Years
TypeOnline / Distance
LevelPG Course
Admission ProcessOnline / Offline
Fee StructureApprox $ 670- $ 1191 ( As per University)
Course TypeAutonomous

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