Diploma in Virtual Interactive Business Experiments System (VIBES)

 Offered By IMTS
 Duration 3 Years
 Level Diploma
 Admission Process Online / Offline
 Course Type Autonomous
 Eligibility 10th pass
 Type Online / Distance
 Fee Structure Approx $ 147.44 – $ 221.16/*( As per University)

A diploma in virtual interactive business experiments system is an undergraduate diploma which provides a certificate of completion at the end of the diploma course. It teaches specific aspects of the interactive technologies that are related to the business information driven and data driven systems.

What is the diploma in virtual interactive business experiments system all about?

The world of interactive businesses is rapidly progressing everyday. With the advent of new technologies and faster interactive smart phones and tablet systems etc, there is a need for individuals to understand the underlying concepts and needs of this field. This is why this diploma not only teaches the effective use of these tools and applications but also introduces their modules, their areas, processes, terminologies, as well as efficient functions for implementation too. The subjects include global business, interactive media design, interactive business design, graphic media management, business accounting informatics and many others etc.


The duration of a diploma in virtual interactive business experiments system (VIBES) in India is of three years. It has six semesters in it. Each year has two semesters in it that need to be completed to proceed to the new ones.


The eligibility for a diploma in virtual interactive business experiments systems or VIBES is very basic. The candidate should have ten years of education from the SSLC Examination Board of India. There should be a total of 33% marks in each of these subjects too. The average tuition fee lies between 40,000 INR to 1 Lakh INR for the same.

Jobs after courses

There are many different jobs that are open to these individuals while they have the competitive edge. This is also why interactive business managers have become more popular and needed now. The entry level salary is between 20,000 INR and 30,000 INR