Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication

Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication

Diploma in journalism and mass communication is an undergraduate diploma where the completion of some courses in the field of journalism and mass communication lead to the provision of a certificate of completion. The different plans and aspects of the media and journalism world are taught here through different methods

What is the diploma in journalism and mass communication all about?

Diploma in journalism and mass communication is a modern world diploma that teaches the different related aspects for communication analysis, coverage, media, and its related forms. They deal with not one world but different aspects of other worlds that are also related to it. This diploma has a lot of variety in it. The different subjects of this diploma include digital, radio and television communications, public relations and advertising, foreign language and literature, journalism, English composition and communication and many others etc. The subjects related to rhetoric are also taught here in this diploma course along with English language and literature as the addition too.

After completing Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication, you can work in different sectors like reporting, writing, photographing or cable casting news items and many others similar work profiles .

Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication Duration :

Diploma in journalism and mass communication in India has a duration of three years. The three years include dedicated subjects in each of the six semesters. Students can also take admission to the second year of a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication after completing this diploma.

Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication Eligibility :

In order to be eligible for admission to the diploma course for journalism and mass communication, the student should have 33% aggregate marks in each subject of his tenth year SSLC Examinations. The tuition fees for this diploma varies in each institution but the average is given between 40,000 INR to 1 Lakh INR for the whole period.

Diploma in Journalism Syllabus

Syllabus of Journalism as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges.

Sr. No.Subjects off Study
1Reporting and Editing for Print Media
2Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications
3Communication Theories
4Indian Constitution, Media Laws and Ethics
5Elements of Photography
6Cultural Education
7Contemporary Communication Studies
8Basic Animation & Web Designing
9Broadcast Journalism: Television & Radio
10Introduction to Graphic Production for Printing
11Film Studies

Diploma in Mass Communication Syllabus

Syllabus of Mass Communication as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges.

Sr. No.Subjects of Study
2Computer Skills
3Communication Theory
4Corporate Communication
5Culture & Civilization
7Feature Writing
8Geography & Environment
9History of Print Media
10Indian Democracy
11Indian History
12Indian Constitution
13In-depth Journalism
15International Communication
16Journalism Ethics
17Layout & Design
18Media Laws
19Media Organizations
20News Writing
21News Editing
23Online News
24Political Science
25Principles of Writing
26Radio Basics
27Research Methodology
29Television Production
30Understanding News
31Video Basics
32Web Designing Comparative study of print and electronic media

After completing Course you can become:

  • Journalist
  • Free Lance Writer

Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication Job Posts:

  • NEWS Reader
  • Editor
  • Research Writer
  • Corporate Communication Officer at MNCs
  • Documentary Maker
  • Translator
  • NGO Worker
  • Advertising Professional (more)

Jobs after courses

This diploma course opens up a lot of areas for these journalists and media-related people. The entry-level salary of this field can vary greatly. This is why it lies between 30,000 INR to 60,000 INR as well.

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