Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in Dubai, UAE

Diploma Mechanical Engineering

Diploma mechanical engineering correspondence education: Mechanical Engineering is a study of design, manufacturing, and utilization of small to large machines. Diploma in Mechanical engineering profile is further divided into sub-categories such as-Product Design, Research & Development, Manufacturing, System Management and Energy.

A Diploma mechanical engineering correspondence education, Oman, Kuwait, is an undergraduate level of study in which a certificate is awarded to ensure that the student has completed the specific subject courses for mechanical engineering. This diploma teaches the student the subjects related to the mechanical world of industries. The processes, as well as operations that take place within the field of mechanics in India, are taught through practical and subjective studies.


To be eligible for admission to the diploma of mechanical engineering it is important that the student has successfully passed the SSLC examination of 10th grade with an aggregate of 33% of marks in the subjects. The normal tuition fee might vary in different institutes but it is between 70,000 INR to 3 Lakh INR for three years.

Duration Diploma mechanical engineering correspondence education

A diploma in mechanical engineering in India is of three years while each year has 2 semesters in it. After this diploma, students can directly sit in the third semester of an engineering degree in some cases.

What is the Diploma Mechanical Engineering about?

Over time, there have been lots of industries in the world that have been competing with each other. Some of them are the pioneers while others have become the leaders through different practices and skills. All these competitive practices, procedures, skills, and practical knowledge are provided to these students. This helps them to know and learn how the world of mechanics acts in different tools within numerous industries.

It provides training through many subjects while it focuses mainly on practical knowledge. The subjects include material sciences, applied mathematics, thermodynamics, fluid machines, production management, industrial management, machine design, the theory of machines and many others.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Job Types.

  • Assist. Manager
  • Manufacturing Manager
  • Process Development Technologist
  • Assistance Professor
  • Section Head
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Sales Engineer
  • Technician
  • Trainee

Jobs after courses in Diploma mechanical engineering correspondence education

After completion of this diploma, the mechanical world is fully open to these students and they can get into any machine related environment. They are the doctors of machines. The entry-level salary is between 20,000 INR to 30,000 INR

I Year II Year III Year
Strengths of Materials Applied Mathematics Thermal Engineering
Fluid Mechanics & Pneumatics Engineering Drawing Automobile Engineering
Meteorology & Measurements Thermal Engineering Manufacturing Technology
Mechanical Engineering Sciences Machine Design & Drawing CAD, CAM, and Robotics

Admission Process of Mechanical Engineering :

A student can apply via online by sending their related certificate with fee payment through the online transaction and thereafter they will be admitted for mechanical engineering.

For more information, students can call us on the given number.

Exam Mode: Examination in various universities and institute will be done in online mode.

What is a career after mechanical Engineering?

Skilled Mechanical Engineers are demanded in space research, automobiles, energy & utilities and bio-mechanical industries to design and develop, test, install, operate and then maintain wide varieties of machines mostly from UAE or Dubai. Mechanical Engineers can have top upstairs in their future with their experience and practical knowledge.

Which universities or Institute offer this course also valid in UAE and Dubai?

Institute of Management and Technical Studies (IMTS).

Are these universities valid for job and study further?

IMTS institute is an autonomous institute; hence diploma certificates will be valid for all private firms worldwide.

Gujarat Tamil Nadu
Chandigarh (Punjab) Maharashtra
Hyderabad Bangalore
New Delhi Haryana