Diploma in Financial Management

Information about Diploma in Financial Management

Duration1 Years
Approved ByUGC
FeesINR 25,000/Y 

Diploma in Financial Management is a diploma level banking course. This course includes the subjects related to the economics with the relevance of the banking sector. The course increases students’ knowledge and skills in various fields of finance. Students who are good in economy and commerce can opt Financial Management course. This 12 months duration course can be pursued by any intermediate passed student.

Financial management mentions to the well-organized and effective organization of money (funds) in such a manner as to complete the objectives of the society. It is the dedicated function right allied with the top management. The implication of this function is not gotten in the ‘Line’ but likewise in the size of ‘Staff’ in overall of a company. It has been defined inversely by different authorities in the ground.

Diploma in Financial Management Eligibility:

  • 10+2 or other equivalent examination

Diploma in Financial Management-Duration:

  • 12 months

Course Syllabus:

The Syllabus as given by various colleges and universities is as follows.

Sr. No.Subjects of Study
1Financial Accounting
2Economics for Bankers
3Quantitative Techniques for Bankers
4Commercial and Banking laws
5Practical I Economics for Bankers
6Practical II Financial Accounting
7Practical III Commercial and Banking laws
8Practical IV Quantitative Techniques for Bankers
9Human Resources Development in Banks
10E-commerce and Banking
11Marketing of Banking Services
12Principles of Management
13Practical I Principles of Management
14Practical II E-commerce and Banking
15Monetary Economics
16Practical IV Human Resources Development in Banks
17Practical III Marketing of Banking Services
18International Banking
19Bank Management
20Financial Decision Analysis
21Practical I Monetary Economics
22Practical II Financial Decision Analysis
23Practical III Bank Management
24Practical IV International Banking
25Project Planning Analysis
26Indian Financial System
27Management Accounting
28Investment Management
29Practical I Management Accounting
30Practical II Indian Financial System
31Practical III Project Planning Analysis
32Practical IV Investment Management

Main Eligibility

  • Class XII plus 2 years of Industry experience.
  • Graduate in any faculty from a recognized University.
  • Diploma Holders (SSC + 3 Years \ HSC + 2 Years).
  • Final year degree students awaiting results can apply for the above programs.

Diploma in Financial Management Colleges

There are many colleges and institutions providing this course. Some of them are listed as below.

  • F-Tech Computer Education, New Delhi
  • C-Apt Multimedia Academy, Kollam
  • Erode Arts and Science College – Autonomous, Erode
  • Greenway Institute of Management Studies – GIMS, Roorkee

Course Fees:

The cost of the course is dependent on the institutions, but in general, 25,000 INR must be spent to pursue it.

Advantages of Diploma in Financial Management

  • Candidates after having passed the course are able to grow financial management mechanisms that minimize financial risk; showing reviews and evaluations for cost-reduction chances; managing a company’s financial accounting and reporting systems.
  • They can go for higher degree program in individual subjects such as Bachelors’ degree, etc. for further studies.
  • After passing the Master degree course after the Diploma course they can go for teaching jobs in the schools both on private and government basis.

Diploma in Financial Management Employment Areas

There are various job opportunities in the field of the banking sector. Candidates can get the job in both the government as well as private organizations. Some of the employment areas are listed in the following table.

  • Education & Teaching
  • Banking & Finance
  • Auditing
  • Credit Administration
  • Corporate Banking

Diploma in Financial Management Job Types

The professionals of this course are employed in the above-mentioned sector as:

  • Administrative Officer (AO)
  • Assistant Administrative Officer (AAO)
  • Cashier/Teller
  • Business Analyst
  • Asset Manager
  • Assistant Controller
  • Corporate Analyst
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Credit and Risk Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Finance Manager
  • Equity Research Analyst
  • Internal Auditor
  • Investment Banker
  • Loan Counsellor
  • Loan Officer
  • Market Analyst
  • Investment Analyst
  • Loss Control Specialist


Fresher’s Salary depends on factors such as recruiter size, job location, and job profile. In general, they are paid at least 15k to 20k INR per month.

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(Approximately Fees for Courses)

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