Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering

Approved By UGC
Duration2 year – 3 years 
FeesINR 10550/Y

Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering is a diploma level engineering course in aeronautics. In aeronautical engineering, candidates are given the knowledge about manufacturing and maintenance of the various parts and tools of air flight-capable machines. Candidates also learn the techniques of operating an aircraft and rocket. Those who have an interest in the field of air crafts and flying machines are suitable for the course. The duration of the course is three years.

Aeronautics is the science or art complicated with the study, design, and industrial of air flight-capable machines, and the systems of operating aircraft and skyrockets within the atmosphere. The British Royal Flying Society identifies the aspects of “flight Art, Science and Business” and “the living of Aeronautics (which expression includes Astronautics).

Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering Eligibility:

  • Candidates should be passed in their 10th examination in science and math subjects

Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering Duration:

  • 3 years

Course Syllabus:

The Syllabus of the program is given as below:

Sr. No.Subjects of Study
1Aircraft Maintenance & Practice
2CAR (Civil Aviation Regulation)
3Aircraft Instrumentation System
4Avionics & Aircraft Radio System
5Aircraft Structures
6Aircraft System
7Aircraft Structures Servicing Lab
8Maintenance Management
9Avionics Lab
10Aircraft System Servicing Lab
11Project Work (Working Model)
12Aircraft Instrument System Lab
13Aircraft Electrical System
14C-Programming Lab
15Aircraft Materials
16Applied Science
17Applied Mathematics
18Basic Aerodynamics
19Basic Electrical & Electronics Engg. Lab
20Basic Electrical & Electronics Engg.
21Computer Aided Engg. Graphics
22Basic Workshop Practicals (Carpentry, Fitting, Forging, Welding)
23Basic Computer Skills Lab
24Industrial Visit
25Fluid Mech & Pneumatics Lab
26English Communication
27Engg. Graphics (Conventional)
28Jet Engine Lab
29ISAP Lab
30Jet Engine Theory
31Materials Testing (NDT) Process Lab
32Organizational Management
33Piston Engine Theory
34Piston Engine Lab
35Fluid Mechanics & Pneumatics Aircraft Inspection & Documentation

Advantages Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering

  • Students can seek employment in different areas such as design, development, and maintenance as well as in the managerial and teaching jobs in institutes
  • They can pursue further higher studies for attractive their educational qualification.

Course Fees:

The fee structure of the course varies and depends on the institutes offering the course. Generally, the course costs 50K to 80K per annum.

Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering Colleges:

There are many universities and institutions offering the course. Some of the colleges are listed as below:

  • Indian Institute of Aero-Space Technology and Management, Secunderabad
  • Singhania University, Pacheri Bari
  • Bhubaneswar Engineering College – BEC, Bhubaneswar
  • Shri Venkateshwara University – SVU, Jyotiba Phule Nagar

Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering Employment Areas:

This course is rich in employability. Candidates can be placed in various sectors related to the aviation industry. Some of the employment areas are given as below:

  • B/E Aerospace – Hyderabad
  • Defense Research and Development Organisation – Delhi,
  • Inspire Innovative – Delhi
  • EES Pvt. Ltd. – Kochi
  • Rathinam Techzone – Coimbatore
  • Colleges and Universities


  • Aircraft Structures and Materials
  • Structural Design and Engineering
  • Instrumentation And Communication
  • Structural Analysis
  • Transportation Systems
  • Aerodynamics and Fluid Dynamics
  • Aerospace Propulsion
  • Ground Vehicle Systems
  • Electronic Systems
  • Navigational Guidance and Control Systems

Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering Job Types:

The job roles in this sector are as follows:

  • Logistics Engineer
  • Airframe Design Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Integration Engineer
  • Reliability Engineer
  • Quality Manager
  • Composites Engineer
  • Graduate Engineer
  • Thermal Design Engineer
  • Consultants (more)


The salary is dependent on the recruiter size, job roles, location etc. But generally, the professionals of this course are paid 40K to 50K INR per month as the fresher.