Diploma in Distance Education Courses in Delhi

Diploma in Distance Education Courses in Delhi | Correspondence |

Diploma in Distance Education Courses in Delhi, Diploma courses also known as short-term courses. They even less fees as compared to Regular Degree Courses. Thus we see that there are many types of Short Term and Long Term Diploma Courses. most of them do not have an Entrance Test, eligibility for diploma is different and they can also be studied in distance education mode. (more)


The Diploma courses are usually short-term courses which provide direct job options. Even certain companies provide for Diploma courses to educate select few for specific jobs. diploma courses are being run at the state & central level.

Diploma in Information Technology Post Graduate Diploma in Bank Management
Diploma in Automobile Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application
Diploma in Catering Technology Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management
Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication Post Graduate Diploma in Child Health
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Post Graduate Diploma in Translation
Diploma in Fire Safety Management Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology
Diploma in Civil and Architecture Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Safety Management
Diploma in Computer Science Fire Safety Management
Diploma in Computer Engineering Post Graduate Diploma in Management
Diploma in Air-Cargo Logistics Management
Diploma in Electronics and Communication
 Diploma in hospital administration
 Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication
Diploma in Ophthalmology
Diploma in Medical Transcription
Diploma in Marketing Management
Diploma in Kitchen and Catering Operations
Diploma in Hospitality Management
Diploma in Food and Beverage Production Management
Diploma in export management
Diploma in physical education
Diploma in Restaurant Service
Diploma in Software Engineering
Diploma in Warehousing and Inventory Management
Diploma in Yoga for Human Excellence
Diploma in Event Management
Diploma in Diabetology
Diploma in Criminology
Diploma in Company Secretarial Practice
Diploma in Civil Engineering
Diploma in Catering Science and Hotel Management
Diploma in Airline and Airport Management
 Diploma in Commercial Pilot
Diploma in Financial Management
 Diploma in Retail Management
 Diploma in Fine Art
 Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
 Diploma in Public Health
 Diploma in Photography
 Diploma in Dermatology
 Diploma in Taxation
 Diploma in Materials Management
 Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering
 Diploma in Industrial Safety and Mechanical Engineering
 Diploma in computer technology
 Diploma in Insurance
 Diploma in Food Technology
 Diploma in mining engineering
 Diploma in mechatronics
 Diploma in Labor Law
 Diploma in human rights
 Diploma in Fitness Management
 Diploma in Front Office Management
 Diploma in export and import management
 Diploma in secretarial practice
 Diploma in textile technology
 Diploma in Virtual Interactive Business Experiments System (VIBES)
 Diploma in Yoga Education
 Diploma in Elementary Teacher Training
 Diploma in Epigraphy
 Diploma in cyber security
 Diploma in cosmetology
 Diploma in Computerized Accounting
 Diploma in Chemical Engineering
Diploma in Information Technology | Computer Science
Diploma in Information Technology | Computer Science
 Diploma in Business Administration