Diploma in Civil Engineering

 Offered By IMTS
 Duration 3 Years
 Eligibility 10th pass
 Type Online / Distance
 Admission Process Online / Offline
 Fee Structure Approx $ 147.44 – $ 221.16/*( As per University)
 Course Type Autonomous
 Level Diploma
 Approved By UGC

The Diploma in Civil Engineering is an undergraduate level of study where a certificate is given to a student after the due completion of the course that the student is now skilled of the said subject of civil engineering. This diploma provides an overall practical and theoretical know-how of the civil world. (more)

Eligibility for Diploma in Civil Engineering

To take admission to the diploma of civil engineering it is necessary that the student has passed his SSLC Examination from the 10th class successfully. It is also important that the examination makes up for a total of 33% marks. The fee for this diploma varies in different institutions but the average tuition fee is between 70,000 INR to 3 Lakh INR for the whole course.

Duration of Diploma in Civil Engineering

The Diploma in civil engineering in India takes three full years(3 Years) to be completed successfully. There is a total of six semesters (two semesters each year). This makes the student eligible to take admission in a bachelor’s degree level too.

Diploma in Civil Engineering Syllabus

Syllabus of Civil Engineering as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges.

Year I
Sr. No.Subjects of Study
1Professional Communication
2Applied Mathematics I
3Applied Physics
4Applied Chemistry
5Applied Mechanics
6Engineering Drawing
7Computer Application for Engineering
8Workshop Practice
9Building Material
Year II
1Elec. Elect.& Mech. Engg.
2Strength of Material
4Public Health Engg.
5Thermal Engineering
6Building const. & Maint. Engg
7Concrete Technology
8Civil Engineering Drwg
Year III
1Design of Steel & Masonry Structure
2Design of Reinforced Conc- rate Structure
3Transpiration Engineering
4Estimating, Costing & Valu.
5Construction Management, Accounts & Entrepreneurship Development
6Surveying II
7Civil Engineering Drawing II
8Irrigation Engg.
9Environmental Pollution & Control
10Earthquake Engineering
11Civil Lab-III(RCC & Highway)
12Project Work
13Field Exposure

Diploma in Civil Engineering Colleges:

There are many colleges affiliated to technical education board of the country. Some colleges are listed below.

  •  Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Institute of Technology (Dr. B.R. Amb. Govt. Poly & Second Govt. Poly.), Port Blair
  • A.I.T. Polytechnic, Solan
  •  Al-Kabir Polytechnic, Jamshedpur
  •  Anurag Engineering College, Nalgonda

Course Fee:

Fee structure of the program is based on the institutions but in general, it costs 80,000 to 100,000 INR per annum.

Diploma in Civil Engineering Employment Areas

  • Civil & Interior (Projects)
  • Colleges & Universities
  • CAS Ventures Pvt. Ltd. – Shahapur
  • RAMA GROUP – Pune
  • Ascent Consulting – Gurgaon
  • Dhitech Consultancy Services – Mumbai

Diploma in Civil Engineering Job Types:

This course is full of job opportunities. A good Infrastructure demands constructional work. Applicants can apply for various job types some of the job types are given below

  • Quality Control Engineer
  • Assistant Field Inspector
  • Executive Engineer
  • Construction Site Assist. Supervisor
  • Project Engineer Coordinator
  • Faculty Member
  • Assistant Manager

Candidates can go for both the sectors as in government or in private based upon their interest.

Diploma in Civil Engineering Recruiting Sectors

  • Defence Forces
  • Municipal Bodies
  • Construction Firms
  • Development Boards


The professionals of this program can get a high amount of salary. Their salary depends on various factors like job type, recruiter size job location etc.

What is the diploma in Civil Engineering all about?

The civil world always requires good infrastructure to have a sound economy. This is why roads, highways, roundabouts, buildings, underpasses, bridges etc make a vital part of any country. In this course, the students are taught about all the aspects that area required to plan and build these infrastructure requirements. There is ample of education and practical knowledge provided for the same. The different subjects for a diploma in civil engineering generally include surveying, building construction, art of programming, elements of civil engineering, building and town planning, economics for engineers, concrete technology, building construction materials, water resources, transportation engineering, advanced construction, foundation engineering etc.

Jobs after Diploma in Civil Engineering courses

The whole country’s construction companies are open to the students once they have completed this diploma in civil engineering. They can construct roads, bridges etc. The entry level salary is between 20,000 INR to 30,000 INR.

Diploma in Computer ScienceRs. 30,000/year3 Year
Diploma in Information TechnologyRs. 40,000/Year1 Year
Diploma in Electrical and ElectronicsRs. 54,000/Year3 Year
Diploma in AutomobileRs. 20,000/Year3 Year
Diploma in Electronics and TelecommunicationRs. 35,000/Year3 Year
Diploma in Mechanical EngineeringRs. 20,870/Year2 Year
Diploma in Fire Safety ManagementRs. 10,000/Year1 Year
Diploma in Civil and ArchitectureRs. 42,870/Year3 Year
Diploma in Computer EngineeringRs. 12,700/Year3 Year
Diploma in Catering TechnologyRs. 40,000/Year3 Year
Diploma in Air-Cargo Logistics ManagementRs. 50,000/Year3 Year
Diploma in Electronics and CommunicationRs. 50,000/Year3 Year
 Diploma in hospital administrationRs. 30,000/Year3 Year
 Diploma in Journalism and Mass CommunicationRs. 40,000/Year3 Year
Diploma in OphthalmologyRs. 40,000/Year1 Year
Diploma in Medical TranscriptionRs. 40,000/Year3 Year
Diploma in Marketing ManagementRs. 40,000/Year1 Year
Diploma in Kitchen and Catering OperationsRs. 50,000/Year1 Year
Diploma in Hospitality ManagementRs. 40,000/Year1 Year
Diploma in Food and Beverage Production ManagementRs. 50,000/Year1 Year
Diploma in Food ProductionRs. 40,000/Year1.5 Year
Diploma in export managementRs. 30,000/year3 Year
Diploma in physical educationRs. 40,000/Year3 Year
Diploma in Restaurant ServiceRs. 40,000/Year3 Year
Diploma in Software EngineeringRs. 50,000/Year3 Year
Diploma in Warehousing and Inventory ManagementRs. 40,000/Year3 Year
Diploma in Yoga for Human ExcellenceRs. 40,000/Year3 Year
Diploma in Event ManagementRs. 50,000/Year3 Year
Diploma in DiabetologyRs. 50,000/Year3 Year
Diploma in CriminologyRs. 50,000/Year3 Year
Diploma in Company Secretarial PracticeRs. 50,000/Year3 Year
Diploma in Civil EngineeringRs. 70,000/Year3 Year
Diploma in Catering Science and Hotel ManagementRs. 40,000/Year3 Year
Diploma in Airline and Airport ManagementRs. 60,000/Year3 Year
 Diploma in Commercial PilotRs. 30,000/Year1.5 Year
Diploma in Financial ManagementRs. 25,000/Year1 Year
 Diploma in Retail ManagementRs. 15,000/Year1 Year
 Diploma in Fine ArtRs. 45,000/Year3 Year
 Diploma in Mechanical EngineeringRs. 10,000/Year3 Year
 Diploma in Public HealthRs. 1 lakh/Year1 Year
 Diploma in Hotel ManagementRs. 50,000/Year3 Year
 Diploma in PhotographyRs. 50,000/Year1 Year
 Diploma in DermatologyRs. 10,000/Year2 Year
 Diploma in TaxationRs. 30,000/Year3 Year
 Diploma in Materials ManagementRs. 40,000/Year3 Year
 Diploma in Aeronautical EngineeringRs. 10,550/Year2-3 Year
 Diploma in Industrial Safety and Mechanical EngineeringRs. 40,000/Year3 Year
 Diploma in computer technologyRs. 40,000/Year3 Year
 Diploma in InsuranceRs. 50,000/Year3 Year
 Diploma in petroleum engineeringRs. 50,000/Year3 Year
 Diploma in mining engineeringRs. 40,000/Year3 Year
 Diploma in mechatronicsRs. 50,000/Year3 Year
 Diploma in Labor LawRs. 50,000/Year1 Year
 Diploma in human rightsRs. 40,000/Year3 Year
 Diploma in Food TechnologyRs. 50,000/Year2 Year
 Diploma in Fitness ManagementRs. 40,000/Year2-3 Year
 Diploma in Front Office ManagementRs. 40,000/Year1 Year
 Diploma in export and import managementRs. 30,000/Year1 Year
 Diploma in secretarial practiceRs. 40,000/Year3 Year
 Diploma in textile technologyRs. 30,000/Year3 Year
 Diploma in Virtual Interactive Business Experiments System (VIBES)Rs. 40,000/Year3 Year
 Diploma in Yoga EducationRs. 40,000/Year3 Year
 Diploma in Elementary Teacher TrainingRs. 50,000/Year3 Year
 Diploma in Information Technology | Computer ScienceRs. 10,000/Year3 Year
 Diploma in EpigraphyRs. 35,000/Year2 Year
 Diploma in cyber securityRs. 40,000/Year3 Year
 Diploma in cosmetologyRs. 40,000/Year3 Year
 Diploma in Computerized AccountingRs. 50,000/Year3 Year
 Diploma in Chemical EngineeringRs. 50,000/Year3 Year
 Diploma in Business AdministrationRs. 50,000/Year3 Year
 Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain ManagementRs. 40,000/Year2 Year

(Approximately Fees for Courses)

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