Basic Difference Between Regular Education & Distance Education

Difference Regular Education Distance Education:

All over the globe there are two correct ways in which of Education, one is Regular EduBasic Difference Between Regular Education & Distance Educationcation and also the second is Distance Education. As these two terms indicate that in regular Education you have got to attend all regular classes and you have got to register a collection mark of attending at your school or institution, whereas on alternative hand in distance Education there’s no necessity of attending regular classes. Difference Between Regular Education and Distance Education is a major things in that day for working professionals

In distance Education most of the universities and institutions conduct classes on weekend it should be Saturday and Sunday each or is also either Sunday or Saturday. In regular Education the internal exams are obligatory whereas on the opposite hand except some courses in distance Education. Still there are some courses that aren’t on the market in most institutes and Universities below distance Education like BE, B Tech, ME and M Tech. These courses aren’t available in distance Education in maximum universities or institutes.

Description: Difference Regular Education Distance Education is a question of many minds to know about it.

Differences: Here are some points which clarify you the Difference Regular Education Distance Education:-

Student has to pay a less amount to get enrolled in their intended course; hence a student who cannot effort for expensive education can be part of education via distance education.

Limited lectures are provided Study can be done according to student’s time frame

Difference Regular Education Distance Education

Examination mode is only offline mode Can be either online or offline Can involve in single activity at a time Can involve in multiple activity at a time such as job etc.

Above table can make aware about the difference between regular education or distance education.

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Regular Education Distance Education
student has to walk for regular classes on daily bases to pursue their course curriculum Student or professional doesn’t need to walk for college or university on daily basis to pursue a intended program.


student has to pay a big amount to get enrollment in their desired course such as tuition fee, hostel fee, mess fee etc Lecturers are provided on the basis of syllabus.
Study can be done according to college schedule.
A student has trained staff or faculties to ask any problem or get it solved by them. A student has no support to ask any problem or query.
In this a student can get campus placement and more job opportunities. In this a student has to search his/her job own, there will be no assistance provided in distance mode.


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