MBA vs PGDM | Which is a Better Option For me?

Why To Join MBA ?

MBA course is certainly better than PGDM in India since MBA is the program that a student can do from a university to get complete knowledge about the syllabus but PGDM is for those who want to have specialization in their interested areas. Colleges offering MBA in india can be trusted easily but PGDM colleges have to be chosen carefully. MBA gives a complete degree in management but PGDM gives the diploma certificate in the program and an organization certainly will choose the MBA degree over the later.

Difference Between MBA and PGDM :-

Difference Between MBA and PGDM

The candidates who are masters in Business administration are respectful in the professional world and the companies hiring them can trust on them to handle adverse conditions produced in professional world but PGDM guys cannot be trusted easily since they have expertise in certain fields only. So the MBA in india dubai and UAE guys are always preferred then the PGDM candidates.

Wisely there is not much dissimilarity between the two but MBA will not have accreditation problems for those going outside the country while PGDM students have to be even surer of taking the risk by opting for the course.

Previously, a PGDM was not accredited for advanced courses like M.Phil or Doctorate that ask for a degree as a qualification. But now PGDM courses from some top institutions are also being measured equivalent to master in Business Administration.

MBA in india gives complete knowledge about the courses in business administration while the PGDM only cares about the specialization. Since this is a diploma level program it has not that much value as the MBA has. The organizations outside India offering jobs to Indian prefer them to be MBA students from recognized universities.

After MBA And PGDM

india one can easily join professional jobs in multinational companies since they do believe in the courses. But for post graduate diploma in Management the organizations do not consider the same. So they prefer the guys who have the MBA degree from recognised universities. Now coming towards the nature of universities offering MBA and PGDM. Only UGC recognized universities and colleges offer the course master in Business Administration but you cannot believe on the colleges offering PGDM since most of them are not even accredited by university grant commission.

The jobs offered to the master in Business administration candidates are from any department while those candidates who have done only PGDM can get jobs in specialized department only. Difference Between MBA and PGDM: The MBA guys can manage things easily as compared to the post graduate diploma in Management candidates. The higher studies after MBA can easily be done and some of these are Doctorate level courses (PhD). But the candidates who are PGDM are not eligible for these courses in many institutes.

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Difference Between MBA and PGDM