Career After 12th Pass in India by Distance Education Courses

Career after 12th, After you have completed 12th, the time comes when you need to take some serious decision about your life and career. There are several courses that can shape your future but it is not so easy to choose the correct one. So to reduce the hassles about the career after 12th, diploma courses or the bachelor courses are there that can have opted for the career.

Career after 12th in India :-

In India, students are such seem to be worried about their Career after 12th. In this article, therefore, we are going to provide some of the diplomas and bachelor Courses after 12th.

Diploma in Information Technology:This is a diploma distance education level course that is based on information technology. The duration of the course is 3 years. There are some of the universities that conduct entrance examinations for admission.

Eligibility: for the Courses after 12th in any stream. In some cases, it may be 10th.

Career Options after 12th :-

The students who have completed this course can get jobs in marketing, production, supply and trading etc. If they pursue the studies further and do the degree course, global companies can hire them in various reputed computer jobs.

Professional studies generally combine theory and practice-based professional learning, concentrating on a body of knowledge that is more strictly described and canonical than non-professional studies. Students are trained to ensure expected standards and passable service delivery in the best practice of a profession.

Diploma in Computer Application: – DCA is the course that helps an individual to gain knowledge about the basics of computer, software and hardware. The course is the best option to excel in the computer field. The duration of the course is 1 year.

Diploma Courses after 12th
  • Diploma in Multimedia
  • Diploma in 3D Animation
  • Diploma in Interior Designing
  • Diploma in Sound Recording
  • Diploma in Photography
  • Diploma in Advertising and Marketing
  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Diploma in Business Management
  • Diploma in Travel & Tourism
  • Diploma in Fashion Designing
  • Diploma in Computer Application
  • Diploma in Banking  and much more courses available.

Top 5 Courses after 12th

Eligibility for this courses after 12th  in any stream.

Career Options after 12th :-

A student gets complete basic knowledge about computers. Further studies can pursue such ads BCA and MCA. Many jobs are available in the market such as computer operator, software developer, hardware engineers etc.

Bachelor of Science (IT): BSc IT is one of the most renowned courses in Information technology. It is equivalent to BCA that is the bachelor in Computer Application. Students get lots of job opportunities with BSC it course after 12th

Advantages: – Information technology is one of the best careers in today’s era. Almost all kinds of businesses need the use of information technology. With this, the market is estimated to grow at rapid pace in coming future.

Bachelor of Arts: – (BA):

This is the undergraduate course in Arts and the student who completes this 3 years program is awarded the degree. This s the best course that enables a person to understand the happening in a society and he feel reputed career after 12th the courses after 12th.

Advantages: – The Bachelor of Arts helps in creating the person’s personality based on the education provided. A man can easily do the best in his life after doing this course. Many of the students also go for civil services after cracking examinations.

Engineering Courses: – There are many engineering courses such as BE or or Diploma level courses after 12th. Students can join these courses in order to shape the future and make some high milestones in the professional career. The duration of engineering courses varies depending upon the natures of course joined. It may range from 3 years to 4 years in BE or

Although career after 12th has a huge number of students query specially from Delhi Bangalore or Pune inside India or from Abroad students as well.

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 Courses Duration Fees Approx Course Online

MBA Total Quality

 2 Years $ 1200- 1500  1 Jun-2018

MBA Project Management

  2 Years $ 1200- 1500  2 Jun-2018

MBA Operations Management

  2 Years $ 1200- 1500   3 Jun-2018

MBA in Logistics and Supply

  2 Years $ 1200- 1500 4 Jun-2018

MBA Industrial Engineering

  2 Years $ 1200- 1500 5 Jun-2018

MBA in Hospital Management

  2 Years $ 1200- 1500 6 Jun-2018

MBA Financial Management

  2 Years $ 1200- 1500 7 Jun-2018

MBA Banking and Finance

  2 Years $ 1200- 1500  8Jun-2018

B tech Manufacturing Science and Engineering

  4 Years $ 1200- 15009 Jun-2018

B tech Information Technology Engineering

  4 Years $ 2300-300010 Jun-2018

B tech Electronics and Electrical Engineering

  4 Years $ 2300-300011 Jun-2018

B tech Electronics and Communication

  4 Years $ 2300-300012Jun-2018
 B.A. Economics  3 Years $ 1200- 120012 Jun-2018
 B.A. Education  3 Years$ 1200- 1200 13 Jun-2018
 B.A. English  3 Years$ 1200- 1200 14 Jun-2018 
 B.A. History  3 Years$ 1200- 1200 18Jun-2018 
 B.A. Political Science  3 Years$ 1200- 1200  16 Jun-2018 
 B.A. Public Administration  3 Years$ 1200- 1200 19 Jun-2018
 B.L.I.S.  3 Years$ 1200- 1200 20 Jun-2018
 B.Sc. Biochemistry  3 Years$ 1200- 1500 20 Jun-2018 
 B.Sc. Biology  3 Years$ 1200- 150021 Jun-2018
 B.Sc. Biotechnology  3 Years$ 1200- 150022 Jun-2018
 B.Sc. Chemistry  3 Years$ 1200- 150023 Jun-2018
 B.Sc. Computer Science  3 Years$ 1200- 150024 Jun-2018
 B.Sc. Mathematics  3 Years $ 1200- 150025 Jun-2018
 B.Sc. Microbiology  3 Years $ 1200- 150026 Jun-2018
 B.Sc. Physics  3 Years $ 1200- 1500 27 Jun-2018
 Diploma in Civil Engineering   3 Years $ 1200- 1500 28 Jun-2018
 Bachelor of Social Work  3 Years $ 1200- 1500 29 Jun-2018
 BCA   3 Years $ 1200- 1500 30 Jun-2018
 Courses After 12th   1 year $ 1000- 1500 31 Jun-2018
 B . Ed 2 Years $ 1200- 1200 5 Jul-2018
 Graduation one year 1 Year $ 1200- 1500 6 Jul-2018
 12th Fail Do Graduation 1 year $ 1200- 1500 7 Jul-2018

Top 20 Courses After 12th 

1. Animation Film Designing
2. Photography
3. Event Management
4. Furniture and Interior Design
5. Writing and Journalism Courses
6. Foreign Language Courses
7. Performing Arts – Acting and Drama Courses
8. Hotel Management
9. Literary Arts – Music, Dance and Painting
10. Software Programming Courses JAVA, .NET
11. Nursing
12. Beautician Courses
13. Cooking and Baking Courses
14. Air Hostess and Flight Steward
15. Media and Mass Communication
16. Driving Courses – Two Wheelers and Four Wheelers
17. Ethical Hacking
18. Commercial Pilot Training Courses
19. Audio Visual Courses
20. Tourism and Trave