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25 Types of B.Tech Engineering in Distance Learning

B Tech Engineering Distance Learning

B Tech engineering is an undergraduate academic degree conferred after completion of a thr25 Types of B.Tech Engineering in Distance Learningee or four-year program of studies at an accredited university or accredited university-level institution. BTech Engineering in Distance Learning is the program that makes learn the small parts and equipment of the machinery by which machinery can be manufactured for industrial use. 

Duration & Eligibility: It’s a 4-year of the curriculum can be processed after 12th education.

Career: Component Engineers can have work in manufacturing, machine or automobile industries for various job roles such are the component engineer, manager, assistant etc.

B Tech Engineering Syllabus or Subjects:

  1. Fluid Mechanics: Fluid mechanics is the kind of physics that deal with mechanics of fluids (like liquids, gasses, and plasmas) and the forces on them. This mechanics can be distributed into statics, the gain knowledge of fluids; and dynamics, the gain knowledge of the outcome of forces in motion.
  2. Thermodynamics: A branch of physics is Thermodynamics a deal with heat and temperature and their relation to energy and it’s work. It states macroscopic variables, such as inside power, entropy, and strain, which partly explain a physique of subject or radiation.
  3. Computer Graphics: Computer graphics are photos and films created making use of computer systems most often referring to picture data constructed by a computer with help from specified graphical hardware and program. It’s a vast and contemporary field in computer science.
  4. Solid Modeling: Solid modeling (or modeling) is a constant set of standards for mathematical and computer modeling of 3-dimensional solids. Solid modeling is exclusive from associated areas of geometrical modeling and computerized pictures by its emphasis on somatic constancy.
  5. Electrical Machines: The electrical machines are apparatus that converts power into three categories: turbines which convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, motors which convert electrical power to mechanical energy, and transformers which alter the voltage degree of an alternate current.
  6. Manufacturing Process: The Manufacturing process management (MPM) is a pool of technologies and methods used to describe how products are to be manufactured.
  7. Fluid Machinery: The fluid machine is a device which converts the energy saved by way of a fluid into mechanical power or vice versa.
  8. Material Science Technology: Branch of Materials science studies the properties of the topic to solve science and engineering issues. It makes use of functional physics and chemistry. The Nanotechnology has bought concentration in the least years. There are various inventions of recent material.
  9. Measurements and Instrumentation:
  10. Analysis and Synthesis of Linkage and Machines
  11. Manufacturing
  12. Electrical
  13. Scientific Computing
  14. Analog Electronics
  15. Electrical Systems
  16. Applied Mathematics
  17. Applied Physics
  18. Control Systems
  19. Power System
  20. Electromagnetic Field Theory
  21. Signals and Systems
  22. Industrial Management
  23. Communication Skills in Professionals
  24. Communication Systems
  25. Switching Theory and Logic Design

Syllabus list of B Tech Engineering distance learning:`

Institute Affiliation: IMTS has the affiliation to run and proffer its courses to the worldwide students from the government of India. Basically, IMTS is an autonomous institute and bestows autonomous courses for global students.

: Institute of Management & Technical StudiesThis institute is valid across the world and it’s student can apply whether for vacant job positions or education ahead in any country for various job roles after completing  B Tech Engineering Distance Learning.

How to take admission in IMTS for B tech Engineering Distance learning ?

A student can take admission via online form submission and fee submission along with the previous study document copies.Offline process is also available merely for Indian Students.For more details students can write us  mail including the contact no. so that our professional counselor will call you.

IMTS offers BTech Engineering Distance Learning or Correspondence different States in India and worldwide :Regarding  any question related course just click on  

Ask Questions Btech Engineering Distance learning

Sub. Code Subject Sub. Code Subject
BF1 Mathematics-I BF8 Mathematics-II
BF2 Chemistry BF9 Applied Physics
BF3 Electrical Technology BF10 Programming and Data Structure
BF4 Mechanics BF11 Basic Electronics
BF5 Introduction of Manufacturing Process BF12 Engineering Drawing and Graphics
BF6 Constitution of Indian Politics and Ethics BF13 Environmental Studies
BF7 English Communications-I BF14 English Communications-II
BF2P Chemistry Practical BF9P Applied physics Practical
BF3P Electrical Technology Practical BF11P Basic Electronics Practical
BSC1 Mathematics III BSC6 Society, Environment, Engineering
BSC2 Water and Waste Water Engineering BSC7 Building Construction
BSC3 Hydraulics BSC8 Structural Analysis
BSC4 Transportation Engg BSC9 Advanced Surveying
BSC5 Surveying-I BSC10 Solid Mechanics
BSC3P Hydraulics Practical BSC8P Structural Analysis Practical
BSC5P Surveying-I Practical BSC9P Advanced Surveying Practical
BTC1 Heat Transfer BTC6 Design of Steel Structures
BTC2 Mass Transfer – I BTC7 Advanced Structural Analysis
BTC3 Chemical Process Industries BTC8 Environmental Engineering
BTC4 Professional Ethics and Human Values BTC9 Advanced Foundation Engineering
BTC5 Total Quality Management BTC10 Industrial Economics & Management
BTC1P Communication Skills Lab BTC7P Advanced Structural Analysis Practical
BTC2P Heat Transfer Lab BTC9P Advanced Foundation Engineering Practical
BEC1 Irrigation Engineering BEC6 Structural Dynamics
BEC2 Prestressed Concrete & Adv. Design of Structure BEC7 Construction & Planning Management
BEC3 Quantity Surveying & Contract & Tenders BEC8 Planning and design of airport
BEC4 Finite Elements Method of  civil Engineering BEC9 Project
BEC5 Elective-I BEC6P Structural Dynamic Practical
CHP009 Irrigation Engineering Practical
CHP010 Prestressed Concrete Practical Grand Credits

More States

Arunachal Pradesh Jharkhand Punjab Dubai
Assam Karnataka Rajasthan Oman
Bihar Kerala Sikkim Kuwait
Chhattisgarh Madhya Pradesh Tamil Nadu Abu Dhabi
Goa Maharashtra Telangana Canada
Gujarat Manipur Tripura Qatar
Haryana Meghalaya Uttar Pradesh Haryana
Himachal Pradesh Mizoram Uttarakhand United Kingdom
Jammu and Kashmir Nagaland West Bengal Australia
Arunachal Pradesh Odisha Punjab U.S.

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