B.Tech Chemical Engineering

B.Tech in Chemical Engineering Distance Education

B.Tech in Chemical Engineering is an undergraduate course. Chemical engineering course largely includes the design, and maintenance of processes involving chemical or biological transformations for large-scale manufacture. B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering course is four years course.

Chemical engineering degree will get you employment in several sectors like Oil, Gas and Energy, producing and trade goods, prescribed drugs, Chemical Industries. The regular payment of Chemical Engineering freshman ranges from Rs. 3.9 lakhs to Rs. 21.00 lakhs once a year. Chemical Engineering deals with the design, development of procedures and operation of machines and plants through which the physical or chemical state of materials undergo different changes.

Eligibility under B.Tech Chemical Engineering

10+2 with PCM (Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics) is the basic condition to take admission in any BE/B.Tech program. Percentage mandatory in qualifying exam is 50% for most of the engineering institutes.

Duration under B.Tech Chemical Engineering

The total duration for this Course is Four Years (4 Years)

Diploma holders in chemical engineering, who have done diploma after 10th, can get admission directly in B.Tech second year.


For getting admission in B.Tech in Chemical Engineering degree courses, the candidate must have passed the 12th class/10+2 exams with the least of 50% with science subjects(PCM) out of physics, chemistry and mathematics.

B.Tech. Chemical Engineering Syllabus

Sr. No.Subjects of Study
1Computer Aided Design
2Fertilizer Technology
3Drugs and Pharmaceutical Technology
4Polymer and Plastics Technology
5Food Technology
6Surface Coating Technology
7Electrochemical Engineering
8Environmental Engineering
9Biochemical Engineering
10Biomedical Engineering
11Petrochemical Technology
12Process Automation (more)
13Process Modelling and Simulation
14Optimization of Chemical Processes
15Energy Management in Chemical Industries
16Safety in Chemical Process Industries
17Bio-Catalytic Reaction Engineering and Design
18Bio-Geo Chemical Engineering
19Creativity, Innovation and New Product Development
20Oils and Fats Technology
21Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
22Indian Constitution and Society
23Technical German I
24Technical German II
25Technical Japanese I
26Technical Japanese II
27Technical French I
28Technical French II
29English I
30English II
31Communication Skills for Engineers
32Technical Writing and Communication


In the field of chemical engineering, a fresh graduate may get the initial salary around Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 25,000 per month in India and An experienced professional may get the higher post and remuneration around Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 50,000 per month in India