B Ed Distance Education in 1 year in India by Govt. University

Duration   2 Year
Eligibility Graduation with min 55% marks
Fee Structure INR 50k-60k / YEAR 
Approved By UGC , NCTE Approved
Support  9210989898
University   JS University ,SVN University ,Himalayan Univesity , Shobhit 
Place  Shikohabad, Uttar Pradesh , Noida , Delhi

BEd Distance Education Can Students can Do in 1 year from India

Bachelors of education: Educating those who are future educators!

Education in India has been improving day by day. The ultimate goal is to get a job. One of the most respectable and secure jobs in India is the teaching job. To get a job as a teacher you need to have a degree of B. Ed in your hands. Bachelor of Education is abbreviated as B. Ed. It is an undergraduate professional degree that opens the door of teaching jobs for you. In India this degree is the basic requirement to get teaching jobs. Entrance examinations are conducted for taking admission in B. Ed courses. The minimum qualification that is required to take admission in B.Ed course is to possess an undergraduate degree that may be a B.A. or B.Sc. The ones who have done their under graduation in arts will be taught English, Hindi, history, geography, etcetera and the students who have their under graduation in science are taught physics, chemistry and biology.

B Ed Distance Education India , IMTS Offer Teaching profile is considered as a most respected profile in the society as teachers play an essential role in student’s life. To become a teacher one should have the bachelor of education. B Ed Distance Education India ensures job security and satisfaction with nice salary package. Students can take admission in off line study but this courses can be done in regular Only Students can do only by off-campus study.B.Ed. Distance Education in India by IMTS INSTITUTE

Duration For BEd Distance Education India

Duration: BEd Distance learning  can be done in the 1-2 year as it depends on university selection.

Eligibility: Student should have passed their graduation with minimum 55% of marks  in any discipline and he/she has to choose the subject which they have studied in their graduation. Some universities also ask for experience in teaching in recognized institute or college at the time of admission.

Fee: A student has to pay Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 10,0,000 for a full course.

Colleges and their rules about Bachelors of Education ( B Ed Distance Education):

There are various colleges in India that offer this course. Initially this course was of duration of three to five years, but now it is one two years.  Some colleges offer just a year’s course. Some colleges conduct their own entrance examinations and the general examination is for few institutes. This course is for those people who want to pursue their career in teaching or as a teacher. Specially for getting a job as a teacher in primary schools and higher secondary, this is the basic degree required. A person having masters in a subject is also denied the job if he does not possess the Bachelors of Education degree.

Selection process and examination:

The entrance examination is conducted in India generally in the months of May and June. The selection procedure starts with checking the eligibility and elimination. The students who have the under graduation degree can only take up the course and that too in the same discipline in which they have completed their under graduation. Students are allowed to fill the forms but only those forms are accepted which are eligible to take the course. The students who apply for the course must also have at least fifty percent to fifty five percent in their under graduation and also in their higher secondary examinations. For some colleges the cut off percentage eligible to fill forms can range from fifty to sixty percentages. After the elimination from the filled up forms, examination is conducted. The syllabus for the examination is purely based on the subjects that the students have studied in their under graduation. The tests can be taken up online as well as offline. The syllabus includes, teaching aptitude, general awareness, genera, general English and logical and analytical reasoning.

How the students are selected after the examination:

The students appear for the entrance examination conducted for the Bachelors of Education course; this is the only gateway to the admissions in B Ed Distance Education colleges. As mentioned earlier different colleges have different admission criteria. After the examinations the students are judged according to their performance in the examination. The corrections are fare and just. The merit list is then generated in the colleges according to the criteria of colleges. The merit list is differently issued in different colleges and according to the streams that students have applied for. After the first merit list is generated the interviews and group discussions are conducted for few colleges. For few other colleges only counselling process happens.

The colleges that conduct group discussions and interviews call students that are double the number of the seats available for this course in college. Half the lot is eliminated after group discussions and the final list is generated after the interviews. The colleges that just go for counselling process after the merit list is generated categorise the students according to the streams that they take up and then publish the final list.

Documents are then verified for the final admission process. All the documents starting from the tenth standard mark sheet to the mark sheets of courses completed till date are verified only then the students are granted admission.

Syllabus for the course:

There are various sills and diverse knowledge is imparted in the students who opt for this course. They are going to be the future teachers who would shape the minds of future India thus immense care is taken about the syllabus of the teachers to be. They are taught everything that a teacher needs to know. Right from moral values to the core knowledge about the subject, all is taught. The syllabus includes, core subject knowledge, developing teacher’s sensibilities, vision of education in India, Health and physical Education, Art and aesthetics, etcetera. The syllabus is almost same for all the streams except the difference in the core knowledge of the subject that they have taken up.

Career options after the Bachelors of Education B Ed Distance Education course:

It is a false fact that a person can only take up teaching as a career after completing his degree in Bachelor of Education. However this degree is a compulsion to become a teacher. Other qualifications are also required. To teach in higher classes one needs to go for masters in the same subject that they have done their under graduation and Bachelors of Education. Students can even take up a higher level course and go for Masters in Education.  The person who completes his Bachelors of Education degree can become a teacher in government schools as well as private schools.

There are various other career options too available after completing your Bachelors of Education. You can go for content writing jobs or even become a journalist if you decide to choose that line. Students can even opt for the line of Educational consultant or Educational administrator.

Bachelors of Education is a course of two years which teaches you all, from moral values to everything that a teacher needs to know, all the sensibilities and responsibilities. Various colleges offer this course but you should choose the college of your choice and should take up the stream of your choice.


List of universities which offers B Ed Distance Education in 1 year in India.

  • SVN University.
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University.
  • MDU University.
  • JS University

Affiliations: These universities are UGC approved and also government based B Ed Distance Education one year India.

Certificate Validations: All your certificates will be valid for private and government organizations if  you meet the required selection process and your documents will be attestable by the government organizations.

Your certificate will also be applicable in study and job abroad.

Admission Process: One can take admission by applying online as well as offline.For an online process, a student needs to send their filled application form along with document copies of 10th,12th and graduation and also ID and residence proof copies.

For offline procedure or more information student can directly email us.

Exam Mode one year B Ed Distance Education India: All the examination of the students will be done in offline mode as per UGC norms.

Graduation in one Year

For More Information:  9210989898

For more details/Query, you can contact on 9210989898 or you can mail us at leads.imts@gmail.com , info@imtsinstitute.com

B Ed Distance Education in India. Students can do from JS university 

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